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Title:  Tom Fitch, silver-tongued orator of the Pacific, 1838-1923 (NC956)
Abstract:  Biography of Tom Fitch, Nevada journalist and politician.
Creator(s):  Potter, Hazel
Date(s):  1963
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC956
Title:  Newsletters from U. S. Senator Harry Reid's office (87-32)
Abstract:  On-going publications issued by Reid's office for his Nevada constituents, emphasizing his accomplishments.
Creator(s):  Reid, Harry, 1939-
Date(s):  1986-1987
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-32
Title:  News releases from Congressman Bilbray's office (87-33)
Abstract:  Information releases issued by Bilbray's office for his Nevada constituents, emphasizing his accomplishments.
Creator(s):  Bilbray, James H., 1938-
Date(s):  1987
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-33
Title:  News releases from Congressman Vucanovich's office (87-34)
Abstract:  Informational releases issued by Vucanovich's office for her Nevada constituents, emphasizing her accomplishments and legislative matters of Nevada interest.
Creator(s):  Vucanovich, Barbara F., 1921-2013
Date(s):  1987
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-34
Title:  George F. Smith Papers (NC577)
Abstract:  Largely, correspondence on political or postal matters; also some legal documents, an aircraft squadron training manual, and printed congressional materials such as bills and hearings.
Creator(s):  Smith, George F., 1885-
Date(s):  1919-1934
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC577
Title:  Alan Bible Papers (NC01)
Abstract:  Nevada U.S. Senator, 1954-1974; District Attorney of Storey County, Nevada, 1935-1940; Nevada State Attorney General, 1942-1950. Contains material covering the period of Bible's career in the U.S. Senate, 1954-1974. A large part concerns legislation introduced or sponsored by Alan Bible also legislation affecting Nevadans. Correspondence from Nevadans requesting help or information on legislative topics is another major part of the collection.
Creator(s):  Bible, Alan, 1909-1988
Date(s):  1953-1974
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada | Politics, Practical
Collection Number:  NC01
Title:  Tasker L. Oddie Scrapbooks and Correspondence (NC585)
Abstract:  Letters from Clarence M. Oddie containing recollections about some events in his brother's life and scrapbooks of clippings and pamphlets.,Scrapbooks have three themes: Oddie as governor, 1910-1914; Nevada politics, 1891-1921: and Nevada sports, 1897-1921 (including the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight).
Creator(s):  Oddie, Tasker L., (Tasker Lowndes), 1870-1950
Date(s):  1891-1921; 1960
Subject(s):  Boxing--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC585
Title:  Henry Rives Letter (NC68)
Abstract:  Rives' letter to "Cleve" [Abner Coburn Cleveland] describes the proceedings of the 1884 Democratic conventions in Eureka and Lincoln Counties; gives names of nominees for the legislature; complains of debts incurred during the Lincoln County convention, and mentions prospects for the November election.
Creator(s):  Rives, Henry
Date(s):  September 29, 1884
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada | Politics, Practical--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC68
Title:  Clyde Mathews Papers (NC705)
Abstract:  Includes correspondence, reports, minutes and clippings of his work in civil rights; reports and clippings about the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony; and material about his Baptist ministry and Congressional Campaign.
Creator(s):  Mathews, Clyde, 1924-
Date(s):  1955-1974
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, Nevada
Subject(s):  Civil rights movements--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC705
Title:  James M. Slattery Papers (NC904)
Abstract:  Includes correspondence, newspaper clippings about the Senator, certificates of election, business cards, and photographs.
Creator(s):  Slattery, James M., 1907-
Date(s):  1963-1969
Subject(s):  Camels--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC904
Title:  Emmet Derby Boyle Scrapbooks (NC09)
Abstract:  Scrapbooks cover chiefly his period as governor and include official proclamations, clippings, and some correspondence.
Creator(s):  Boyle, Emmet Derby, 1879-1926
Date(s):  1906-1922
Subject(s):  Governors--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC09
Title:  Edward P. Carville Scrapbook (NC1213)
Abstract:  Clippings, notes, speeches, and correspondence collected during Carville's successful campaign for governor.
Creator(s):  Carville, Edward Peter, 1885-1965
Date(s):  1938
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada | Prohibition--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1213
Title:  Peter C. Petersen Papers (NC430)
Abstract:  Primarily political correspondence with Nevada Senator Pat McCarran. Some letters are accompanied by bills, receipts, and contractor's estimates relating to the Senator's property in and near Reno; or relevant newspaper clippings, memos, or minutes of meetings.
Creator(s):  Petersen, Peter C., 1893-1977
Date(s):  1938-1954
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Labor unions--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC430
Title:  Len Harris Scrapbooks (NC689)
Abstract:  Includes clippings, posters, sample ballots, and advertising handouts (balloons, ruler) for Harris' mayoral campaigns; birthday cards; and articles about Reno's growth and development, particularly through urban renewal.
Creator(s):  Harris, Len, 1922-
Date(s):  1955-1959
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.); Reno (Nev.)--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada--Reno | Urban renewal--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NC689
Title:  Josie Alma Woods Correspondence (NC826)
Abstract:  Letters to Mary Ellen Glass describing Woods' careers as a dental technician, rancher, and Assemblyman.
Creator(s):  Woods, Josie Alma
Date(s):  1973
Subject(s):  Dental technicians--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada | Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  NC826
Title:  Joe Melcher Campaign Ephemera (2016-17)
Abstract:  Joe Franklin Melcher, Jr. was born on December 20, 1929. He ran for and successfully held the Washoe County Recorder seat from 1979-1999. Collection contains campaign ephemera from Melcher's campaigns for Washoe County Recorder.
Creator(s):  Melcher, Joe
Date(s):  1978-1995
Place(s):  Washoe County (Nev.)--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Political campaigns--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada | Printed ephemera
Collection Number:  2016-17
Title:  Jim Santini Papers (82-61)
Abstract:  Santini's papers as Representative to the U.S. Congress from Nevada include files related to his committee assignments and interests, particularly on the Energy and Commerce Committee; Interior and Insular Affairs Committee; and Select Committee on Aging. Campaign files are included.
Creator(s):  Santini, Jim, 1937-2015
Date(s):  1974-1982
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Tahoe, Lake (Calif. and Nev.); United States--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Land use--Tahoe, Lake (Calif. and Nev.) | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  82-61
Title:  Procter R. Hug Papers (83-25)
Abstract:  Materials related to Hug's careers in education and the Nevada Senate
Creator(s):  Hug, Procter R., 1902-1991
Date(s):  1927-1977
Subject(s):  Education--Nevada | Juvenile corrections--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  83-25
Title:  A biography of Marguerite H. Gosse who introduced the bill into the legislature that became the first Nevada state Nurse Practice Act, of 1923 (83-28)
Abstract:  Sketch of life of Marguerite H. Gosse, a member of the Nevada Assembly (1922-1924) and responsible for passage of legislation requiring examination and certification of graduate nurses.
Creator(s):  Puddington, Grace E., 1890-
Date(s):  1960
Subject(s):  Nurses--Certification--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada | Women--West (U.S.)--Biography
Collection Number:  83-28
Title:  Trenmor Coffin Papers (NC06)
Abstract:  Lawyer, businessman, and Nevada State Assemblyman, of Carson City, Nevada. Collection contains correspondence, legal cases, and papers connected with Coffin's political activity in Nevada (1892-1898) as a member of the Republican State Central Committee and supporter of the Free Silver ticket. The correspondence relates to cases in which Coffin or his legal firm participated, to his business interests in irrigation enterprises, and to the personal affairs of Coffin and his family.
Creator(s):  Coffin, Trenmor, 1848-1904
Date(s):  1864-1927
Subject(s):  Irrigation--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada | Silver question--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC06
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