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Title:  Edgar F. Kleiner Mormon Publications Collection (NC1313)
Abstract:  Edgar F. Kleiner was a professor of Biology at UNR from 1969-1983. He collected publications on early Mormon history in the United States and Utah. Collection contains six Mormon-related publications purchased by Kleiner in Salt Lake City in the early 1950s.
Creator(s):  Kleiner, Edgar F.
Date(s):  1884-1910
Subject(s):  Mormons | Mormons--United States | Mormons--Utah
Collection Number:  NC1313
Title:  A Few Things I Remember (NC349)
Abstract:  Mrs. Shellenberger describes her Mormon parents' emigration from England to Utah, father's work in pioneer Utah, childhood in a Mormon family, move to Lund and Preston, Nevada in about 1898 with a Mormon colonizing group, marriage to Walter Shellenberger in 1903, married life in the mining town of Ruth and in Ely, ranching in the Snake Valley, raising ten children, and involvement in Mormon church activities.,A brief genealogical chart is included.
Creator(s):  Shellenberger, Frances Jane Horsley, 1884-
Date(s):  1963
Place(s):  Nevada--History
Subject(s):  Mormons--Nevada | Mormons--Utah | Overland journeys to the Pacific | Ranch life--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC349
Title:  Essay about Selina Walker Hammond (90-29)
Abstract:  Biographical essay about Selina Walker Hammond, 1841-1921, a Mormon who pioneered in the Eagle Valley of southern Nevada with her husband John.
Creator(s):  Broili, June
Date(s):  1952
Place(s):  Eagle Valley (Nev.); Nevada--History
Subject(s):  Mormons--Nevada | Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  90-29
Title:  Autobiographical statement of Joseph LeBlanc (91-06)
Abstract:  LeBlanc's account of U. S. military service, 1857-1859 was taken from his unsuccessful petition for a military pension.
Creator(s):  LeBlanc, Joseph Esdras, 1833-1900
Date(s):  undated [pre-1900]
Subject(s):  Mormons | Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah, 1857
Collection Number:  91-06
Title:  The Gentry history: from Essex, England to the western United States (91-10)
Abstract:  History of the family of Samuel and Elizabeth Davis Gentry, Mormons who immigrated from England to Utah in 1864 and whose descendents settled in parts of Utah and southern Nevada.
Creator(s):  Barnum, Lillian G.
Date(s):  1983
Place(s):  Nevada--History--19th century; Utah--History--19th century
Subject(s):  Mormons | Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  91-10
Title:  Pioneering and polygamy: women on the Mormon frontier (83-30)
Abstract:  An examination of the roles pioneering and polygamy played among Mormon women, using personal accounts of a varied group of Mormon women.
Creator(s):  Sale, Jimmie
Date(s):  1983
Subject(s):  Mormons--United States | Polygamy--United States | Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  83-30
Title:  Charles Carroll Goodwin Papers (85-06)
Abstract:  Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, personal papers of C. C. Goodwin, mainly spanning the years, 1890-1917 also includes photographs, printed material and some papers of son, James T. (Tod) Goodwin.
Creator(s):  Goodwin, C. C., (Charles Carroll), 1832-1917
Date(s):  1890-1917
Place(s):  Comstock Lode (Nev.)--History; Salt Lake City (Utah); Virginia City (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Journalists--Nevada--Virginia City | Journalists--Utah--Salt Lake City | Mormons
Collection Number:  85-06
Title:  The Life of John H. Cazier (NC401)
Abstract:  Typescript personal account, 1898, describes early life in Nephi, Utah; experiences with Indians; freighting in Utah, Idaho, and Montana; smelting in San Francisco; freighting in Toano, Nevada in 1887; owning a hotel and acting as postmaster in Toano; and cattle ranching near Wells, Nevada. Also included is an account by "Uncle David" (Nephi, Utah, 1925) of the life of John Cazier, 1821-1890, father of John Henry Cazier and an early member of the Mormon Church.
Creator(s):  Cazier, John Henry, 1859-
Date(s):  1898; 1925
Place(s):  Nephi (Utah); Toano (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Freight and freightage--Idaho | Freight and freightage--Montana | Freight and freightage--Nevada | Freight and freightage--Utah | Hotels--Nevada--Toano | Indians of North America--Nevada | Mormons--Nevada | Mormons--Utah | Ranch life--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC401
Title:  Renee Rampton Papers (92-37)
Abstract:  Contains research papers, correspondence and newspaper articles related to the proposed Equal Rights Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and to the Mormon Church's efforts in Utah and Nevada to defeat the E.R.A.
Creator(s):  Rampton, Renee
Date(s):  1975-1978
Subject(s):  Equal rights amendments--Nevada | Women in the Mormon Church | Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  92-37
Title:  Isaac Mayer Wise Correspondence (NC307)
Abstract:  Letters by Wise to the American Israelite newspaper, of which he was publisher, while on his honeymoon to the American west.,The letters were written at Salt Lake City, Utah, and Palisade and the Humboldt Desert, Nevada and describe the plains, Salt Lake City, Palisade, the Nevada desert, Carson City, Virginia City, and Gold Hill, Nevada, and Sacramento, California. He comments on Mormonism in Utah and the lack of interest in Judaism in the west.
Creator(s):  Wise, Isaac Mayer, 1819-1900
Date(s):  1877
Place(s):  Carson City (Nev.); Gold Hill (Nev.); Palisade (Nev.); Sacramento (Calif.); Salt Lake City (Utah); Virginia City (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Deserts--Nevada | Jews--California | Jews--Nevada | Jews--Utah | Mormons--Utah | Overland journeys to the Pacific
Collection Number:  NC307
Title:  University of Nevada, Reno, Ethnological Archives (92-09)
Abstract:  Included are students' final field reports; administrative correspondence, grant applications and reports; reference material distributed to students; and research material compiled by Drs. Warren d'Azevedo and Catherine Fowler on kinship in Washington County, Utah, and Reno, Nevada.,Topics of student reports include the Washo, Paiute, and Shoshone Indians of northern Nevada; Navaho at Kaibito, New Mexico; Indians on Vancouver Island, British Columbia; Samoans in the San Francisco Bay area, California; urban studies in Reno and Sparks, Nevada; and kinship in Mormon communities in Utah.
Creator(s):  National Science Foundation (U.S.). Tri-Institutional Field Training Program in Anthropology.
Date(s):  1960-1977
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.); Sparks (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Indians of North America--British Columbia--Vancouver Island | Kinship--Nevada--Reno | Kinship--Utah | Mormons--Utah | Navajo Indians--New Mexico--Kaibito | Paiute Indians--Nevada | Samoan Americans--California--San Francisco Bay Area | Shoshoni Indians--Nevada | Washo Indians--Nevada
Collection Number:  92-09