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Title:  An addendum to the Joseph F. McDonald Papers (98-05)
Abstract:  Included are letters to and from Nevada politicians, and from Harry S. Bunker, treasurer of Speidel Newspapers, Inc. In addition to letters there are occasionally newspaper clippings and election ephemeral.
Creator(s):  McDonald, Joseph F.
Date(s):  1937-1960
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Journalists--Nevada
Collection Number:  98-05
Title:  Rollan D. Melton Papers (2015-28)
Creator(s):  Melton, Rollan, 1931-
Date(s):  1960s-2010
Place(s):  California--Newspapers; Nevada--Newspapers; San Francisco (Calif.)--History--19th century
Subject(s):  Journalism--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  2015-28
Title:  Nevada Press Women Records (93-47)
Abstract:  Included are minutes, correspondence, financial records, newsletters, clippings, officers' manual, convention materials, and files related to the publication of A Nevada historical miscellany.
Creator(s):  Nevada Press Women.
Date(s):  1970-2007
Subject(s):  Women journalists--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  93-47
Title:  Myram Borders Scrapbooks (94-07)
Abstract:  Scrapbooks include photographs and clippings about California and Las Vegas, Nevada, produced while Borders was a commissioner of the Nevada Commission of Consumer Affairs.
Creator(s):  Borders, Myram
Date(s):  1989-1993
Subject(s):  Women journalists--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  94-07
Title:  Jean S. McElrath Papers (97-16)
Abstract:  Included are scrapbooks and loose clippings, 1943-1969, composed mostly of McElrath's published articles about Elko and Wells, Nevada; financial notebooks, 1943-1959, detailing her sources of income and expenditures; and miscellaneous materials such as her report cards, a biography of McElrath written by Esther Early in 1997, and a history of St. Barnabus Episcopal Church in Wells and St. Luke's Church in Clover Valley, Nevada, by Terry Hickson, 1976.
Creator(s):  McElrath, Jean S., 1917-1967
Date(s):  Bulk, 1943-1977
Place(s):  Elko County (Nev.)--Social life and customs; Wells (Nev.)--Social life and customs
Subject(s):  Women journalists--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  97-16
Title:  Ty Cobb Papers (97-30)
Abstract:  Ty Cobb papers consist of personal papers relating to him and his family, as well as his professional role as writer and editor at the Nevada State Journal, and its successor, the Reno Gazette-Journal. Cobb had a sports column “Inside Stuff” and later a column “Cobwebs” which he continued past retirement until his death in 1997.
Creator(s):  Cobb, Tyrus W., 1915-1997
Date(s):  1881-1997
Place(s):  Nevada--Anecdotes--History; Nevada--Biography--Anecdotes; Reno (Nev.)--Anecdotes--History; Virginia City (Nev.)--Anecdotes--History
Subject(s):  Athletics--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  97-30
Title:  Nevada Newspaper days: A History of Journalism in the Silver State, Manuscript (AC 0251)
Abstract:  Manuscript for Nevada newspaper days: a history of journalism in the silver state, published in 1990 by Heritage West Books, Stockton California, on Nevada journalism and journalists. Includes correspondence by Warren Lerude.
Creator(s):  Highton, Jake
Date(s):  1989
Subject(s):  American newspapers--History--Nevada | Journalism--Nevada | Journalists -- Nevada -- Biography
Collection Number:  AC 0251
Title:  Alfred L. Higginbotham Papers (AC 0255)
Abstract:  The collection includes correspondence with students, alumni, members and officers of local, University and professional organizations, boards and committees, 1920-1966; information on the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame, including student papers on Nevada's earliest newspapers, 1928-1965; articles and speeches; early records of the Nevada State Press Association, 1924-1966; records of the Far Western Association of Departments of Journalism (FWADJ) ,1934- 1942; the American Society of Journalism School Administrators (ASJSA) , 1943-1963; Sigma Delta Chi, 1944-1965; Kappa Tau Alpha, 1936-1965; and a collection of materials entitled Propaganda, 1929- 1941 ; 1950.
Creator(s):  Higginbotham, Alfred L., 1895-1967
Date(s):  1920-1966
Subject(s):  American newspapers--History--Nevada | Journalism--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada | Propaganda
Collection Number:  AC 0255
Title:  Warren Lerude Papers (2013-28)
Abstract:  Warren Leslie Lerude was born in Reno, Nevada. He graduated from the University of Nevada School of Journalism in 1961 and began a career in journalism and teaching that spanned over 50 years. Collection includes research materials, correspondence, files, interviews, reviews, and photos relating to Lerude's books American Commander in Spain and Robert Laxalt: The Story of a Storyteller as well as materials about the University of Nevada, Reno Reynolds School of Journalism, Lerude's teachering career in journalism, and his work as a media and management consultant.
Creator(s):  Lerude, Warren, 1937-
Date(s):  1975-2008
Subject(s):  Authors--Nevada | Journalism--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada
Collection Number:  2013-28
Title:  Florence S. Burge Papers (82-36)
Abstract:  Papers include draft and published copies of Burge's writings as freelance author and women's page editor; correspondence from readers and friends; correspondence and papers related to receiving award for best women's pages; and unpublished biography of Noble Getchell.
Creator(s):  Burge, Florence S., 1912-1986
Date(s):  1955-1966
Subject(s):  Journalists--Nevada--Reno | Women authors--20th century
Collection Number:  82-36
Title:  Charles Carroll Goodwin Papers (85-06)
Abstract:  Collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, personal papers of C. C. Goodwin, mainly spanning the years, 1890-1917 also includes photographs, printed material and some papers of son, James T. (Tod) Goodwin.
Creator(s):  Goodwin, C. C., (Charles Carroll), 1832-1917
Date(s):  1890-1917
Place(s):  Comstock Lode (Nev.)--History; Salt Lake City (Utah); Virginia City (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Journalists--Nevada--Virginia City | Journalists--Utah--Salt Lake City | Mormons
Collection Number:  85-06
Title:  Early days in Nevada collection (NC386)
Abstract:  Photocopies of a series of articles from the Chico enterprise (California) consisting of recollections of Nelson's years in Nevada with anecdotes concerning the social customs and political life of the era and his life as a miner, with sketches of journalists and political figures of Virginia City. Also included is a sketch of wheat ranching in northern California from 1860-1863 near Nelson.
Creator(s):  Nelson, Henry, 1844-
Date(s):  1928
Place(s):  Austin (Nev.); Virginia City (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Journalists--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada | Ranches--California
Collection Number:  NC386
Title:  Alfred Doten Papers (NC08)
Abstract:  Diaries relating to Doten's trip from Plymouth, Mass. by sea to California in 1849, his life as a placer miner and rancher in California, and as a newspaperman in Nevada; literary, biographical and historical manuscripts; a complete file of the Como Sentinel and its successor, the Lyon County Sentinel; and clippings of Doten's articles.,Other papers relate to Governor C. C. Stevenson of Nevada, the construction of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, the town of Gold Hill, Nevada, and the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight.
Creator(s):  Doten, Alfred, 1829-1903
Date(s):  1849-1903
Place(s):  Gold Hill (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Boxing--Nevada | Journalism--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--California | Ranches--California
Collection Number:  NC08
Title:  George W. Cassidy Papers (98-06)
Abstract:  This collection contains personal papers and buisness records related to George W. Cassidy and the Cassidy family, along with research notes and correspondence by Ruth McPheeters with Cassidy family decendents, and additional materials gathered by McPheeters about the Cassidy family in preparation for an un published biography about George W. Cassidy by McPheters.
Creator(s):  Cassidy, George W.
Date(s):  1851-1908; 1962-1968
Place(s):  Hamilton (Nev.)--Newspapers; Nevada--Politics and government; White Pine County (Nev.)--Newspapers
Subject(s):  Bank examination--West (U.S.) | Banks and banking, American--History--19th century--West (U.S.) | Journalists--Nevada
Collection Number:  98-06
Title:  Jean S. McElrath Papers (99-65)
Abstract:  Correspondence by and about Jean McElrath, material collected by Esther Detweiller Early for a biography about McElrath, and a biographical sketch of McElrath by Early. Many of the letters about Jean are from her brother, Tom McElrath.
Creator(s):  McElrath, Jean S., 1917-1967
Date(s):  1931-1997
Subject(s):  Women journalists--Biography--Nevada
Collection Number:  99-65
Title:  Jean S. McElrath Papers (2006-09)
Abstract:  Included are transcripts of McElrath's diaries from 1934-1967 that contain short listings about daily activities, such as sewing, reading , studying and her writing career. Family members and friends' activities and her medical treatments are mentioned.
Creator(s):  McElrath, Jean S., 1917-1967
Date(s):  1934-1967
Place(s):  Elko County (Nev.)--Social life and customs; Wells (Nev.)--Social life and customs
Subject(s):  Blind women--Nevada | People with disabilities--Nevada | Women journalists--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  2006-09
Title:  Mary Benton Smith: Biography (93-29)
Abstract:  Brief biographical sketch of the career of journalist Mary Benton Smith who taught journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, during World War II and was later head of the Nevada Associated Press Bureau.
Creator(s):  Reifschneider Spangler, Nita
Date(s):  1992
Subject(s):  Journalism--Nevada | Women journalists--Biography--Nevada
Collection Number:  93-29
Title:  Jean S. McElrath clippings (96-44)
Abstract:  Includes newspaper clippings about Jean McElrath; reminiscences by her mother, Mabel McElrath, 1892-1991; and obituary notice for Mabel.
Creator(s):  McElrath, Jean S., 1917-1967
Date(s):  1957-1991
Subject(s):  Women journalists--Biography--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  96-44