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Title:  Edward S. Parsons, F.A.I.A., a personal reflection (91-17)
Abstract:  Biographical sketch of Reno, Nevada, architect Edward S. Parsons based on the author's interviews with Parsons.
Creator(s):  Shapiro, Linda, active 1983
Date(s):  1983
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  91-17
Title:  Raymond Hellman Architectural Records (95-72)
Creator(s):  Hellman, Raymond M.
Date(s):  circa 1958-1982
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--Buildings, structures, etc
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada | Architecture--Nevada
Collection Number:  95-72
Title:  Graham Erskine Architectural Drawings (NAA10)
Abstract:  The Graham Erskine Architectural Drawings consists of 91 projects dating from circa pre-1938 and 1949-1989. Erskine's practice consisted primarily of commercial and institutional buildings in and around Reno and Carson City. In 1957 he founded the architectural firm Ferris and Erskine (also known as Ferris, Erskine and Calef in the early 1960s) with partner Lehman "Monk" Ferris. From 1970-1983 Erskine was partner with Esley D. Harden in the firm Erskine and Harden Architects; from 1984 until his death he worked as sole owner of Graham Erskine Architect.
Creator(s):  Erskine, Graham, 1911-
Date(s):  Bulk, 1949-1989
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--Buildings, structures, etc
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada | Architects--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada | Architecture--Nevada--Carson City | Architecture--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada--Sparks
Collection Number:  NAA10
Title:  Alegre and Harrison Architects Records (NAA2)
Abstract:  Architectural drawings for projects in northern Nevada, primarily schools.,Included are drawings and some specifications.
Creator(s):  Alegre and Harrison Architects.
Date(s):  1957-1961
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada
Collection Number:  NAA2
Title:  Architectural drawings for Reno and Carson City buildings (NAA9)
Abstract:  Included are plans for the following buildings in Reno and Carson City: the R. M. Clarke residence in Carson City, "family home," competitive Reno grade school building, Mt. Rose school, Congregational Church parsonage, and house for E. Shaver on Riverside Dr., Reno. The Shaver drawings are accompanied by specifications.
Creator(s):  Leon, Ben, d. 1917
Date(s):  circa 1895-1900
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NAA9
Title:  Hewitt C. Wells Papers (83-09)
Creator(s):  Wells, Hewitt C.
Date(s):  20th century
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada | Architecture--Nevada | Architecture--Specifications
Collection Number:  83-09
Title:  Landscape designs (NAA8)
Abstract:  Landscape designs for a proposed Nevada Art Gallery in Reno include topographic maps of the neighborhood, "basic maps," and existing and proposed landscaping. Some of the surveying work was done by Horace P. Boardman.This gallery was never built.
Creator(s):  Church, Willis Humphry
Date(s):  1931-1952
Subject(s):  Landscape architects--Nevada--Reno | Landscape architecture--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NAA8
Title:  Frederic J. DeLongchamps Architecture Records (NC1215)
Abstract:  Included in the collection are drawings for projects designed by DeLongchamps and his firm and specifications for many of those projects. Project drawings may include preliminary sketches, presentation drawings, working drawings, and shop drawings specifications may include contracts and correspondence. The collection also contains a small amount of DeLongchamps' personal papers and photographs.
Creator(s):  DeLongchamps, Frederic Joseph, 1882-1969
Date(s):  1899-1962
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada | Architecture--California | Architecture--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1215
Title:  Edward S. Parsons Architectural Drawings (NAA3)
Abstract:  Parsons' architectural drawings include those for residences, schools, churches, the Nevada State Hospital, and Fire stations. Drawings for the following historic restoration projects are also included: Lake Mansion, Reno Bower's Mansion, Washoe Valley Driggs House and Piper's Opera House, Virginia City Berlin Mill, Berlin, Nevada Nevada State Capitol building, Carson City Douglas County Court House and Morrill Hall, University of Nevada, Reno.
Creator(s):  Parsons, Edward S., 1907-
Date(s):  1939-1982
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada--Reno | Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration--Nevada
Collection Number:  NAA3
Title:  Oral interview of Graham Erskine (91-39)
Abstract:  Erskine, in interviews with Richard D. Adkins, discusses architects and the regulation of the profession in Nevada, uniform building codes, the State Board of Architecture, his experience working with the United States government on housing projects at Stead Air Force Base, the effect of unionization of building trades on architecture, and creation of the Reno and Las Vegas chapters of the American Institute of Architects.
Creator(s):  Erskine, Graham, 1911-
Date(s):  1990
Place(s):  Stead Air Force Base (Reno, Nev.)
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada | Architecture--Nevada | Building laws--Nevada | Building trades--Employees--Labor unions--Nevada | Construction industry--Law and legislation--Nevada
Collection Number:  91-39