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Title:  Claude Dukes Collection of Federal Water Master's Office Records (84-11)
Abstract:  Collection contains papers from the Federal Water Master's Office, Reno, Nevada, 1926-1982. Included are office operational records, correspondence; also water data, reports, maps and printed material relating to water in the Truckee and Carson River Basins, Nevada and California.
Creator(s):  Dukes, Claude, 1914-1984
Date(s):  1849-1980
Place(s):  Carson River (Nev.)--Water diversion; Carson River (Nev.)--Water rights; Pyramid Lake (Nev.); Reno (Nev.); Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)--Water diversion; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)--Water rights
Subject(s):  Water rights--Nevada | Water use--Nevada | Water--Law and legislation--Nevada
Collection Number:  84-11
Title:  Louie A. Gardella Papers (83-06)
Abstract:  Louie A. Gardella was a Nevadan, an agricultural agent with the Nevada Agricultural Extension Service for several counties, and County Agricultural Agent for Washoe County where his attention focused on water development, drainage, flooding, and irrigation. The bulk of this collection focuses on the acquisition and control of water in the Truckee Meadows area of Nevada from 1950-1976.
Creator(s):  Gardella, Louie A., 1908-
Date(s):  1939-1980
Place(s):  Carson River (Nev.); Truckee Meadows (Nev.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Ditches | Italian Americans--Nevada | Water--Nevada--Reno | Water--Nevada--Sparks
Collection Number:  83-06
Title:  Peter Goin Papers (2015-33)
Abstract:  Peter Goin is a professional photographer and Foundation Professor of Art at the University of Nevada, Reno. Collection include correspondence, exhibit catalogs, book manuscript drafts, photographs, maps, promotional materials, research notes, and other records related to Goin’s photography career, publications, and research projects.
Creator(s):  Goin, Peter, 1951-
Date(s):  Bulk, 1984-2012
Place(s):  Black Rock Desert (Nev.); Chaco Canyon (N.M.); Churchill County (Nev.); Hanford Site (Wash.); High Rock Canyon (Nev.); Las Vegas (Nev.); Mexican-American Border Region; Nevada Test Site (Nev.); Nye County (Nev.); Reno (Nev.); San Francisco (Calif.); Trinity Site (N.M.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.); Truckee River Watershed (Calif. and Nev.); Washoe County (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Atomic bomb--Social aspects--United States | Authors and publishers--United States | Landscape photography--Nevada | Landscape photography--United States | Mines and mineral resources--United States | Nature--Effect of human beings on--Pictorial works | Nuclear weapons--Marshall Islands--Testing | Nuclear weapons--Testing--United States | Nuclear weapons--United States--Testing | Petroglyphs--Nevada | Photographers--United States | Photography--Marketing | Photography--Nevada | Photography--United States--Exhibitions | Reclamation of land--United States | Reno (Nev.)--Pictorial works | Repeat photography | Water use--West (U.S.) | West (U.S.)--Pictorial works
Collection Number:  2015-33
Title:  Sierra Club, Toiyabe Chapter Records (87-04)
Abstract:  Records created or collected by the Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club, related to the environment, its use, and its preservation. Records document chapter activities, the policies and activities of various governmental bodies, especially the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Nevada Fish and Game Department (now, Nevada Dept. of Wildlife).
Creator(s):  Sierra Club. Toiyabe Chapter.
Date(s):  1924-1987
Place(s):  Naval Air Station (Fallon, Nev.); Pyramid Lake (Nev.); Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--Environmental aspects; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  All terrain vehicles--Environmental aspects--West (U.S.) | Anti-environmentalism--Nevada | Environmental impact statements--Nevada | Environmental monitoring--Nevada | Environmental protection--Nevada | Forest management--Nevada | Hazardous wastes--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada | MX (Weapons system) | Public lands--Management--Nevada | Radioactive waste disposal--Nevada | Water use--Nevada | Water--Management | Wild burros--Control--Nevada | Wild horses--Control--Nevada | Wilderness areas--Management--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-04
Title:  James Edward Church Papers (NC96)
Abstract:  Church's personal and professional correspondence to and from people and organizations connected with snow surveying, notes, reports, manuscripts (published and unpublished); also personal mementos, diaries, maps and artifacts. Also included is Florence Humphrey Church's correspondence with the Nevada Federation of Women's Clubs.
Creator(s):  Church, James Edward, Jr., 1869-1959
Date(s):  1869-1964
Place(s):  Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico); Greenland--Discovery and exploration; Humboldt River (Nev.); Soda Springs (Calif.); Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Hydrology--Argentina | Hydrology--Himalaya Mountains Region | Hydrology--Research | Meteorology--Observations | Sierra Nevada (Calif. and Nev.)--Climate | Snow surveys--California | Snow surveys--Nevada | Snow surveys--Sierra Nevada (Calif. and Nev.) | Snow--Measurement | ydrology--Himalaya Mountains Region
Collection Number:  NC96
Title:  The Orr Ditch Case, 1913-1944 (NC1246/1)
Abstract:  Draft and final edition of a study of water allocation and litigation over the Orr Ditch in the Truckee River area of Reno, Nevada.,Included are a history of the origins of the suit, history of various court rulings, and the final decree.
Creator(s):  Townley, John M.
Date(s):  1978
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Water rights--Nevada | Water--Law and legislation--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1246/1
Title:  Truckee River General Electric Company Records (NC194)
Abstract:  Included is an agreement between the power company, Comstock Pumping Association and various mines to build a power plant and transmit electricity, 1898; a letter from consulting engineer Leon M. Hall to the pumping association and attached specifications for plant construction, 1904; and bill of complaint in the Nevada District Court case, Truckee River General Electric Company vs Nevada Tax Commission disputing the fixing of assessed value, 1915. Also included are invoices for power supplied to the I.O.O.F. building in Virginia City, Nevada (1905-1908).
Creator(s):  Truckee River General Electric Company.
Date(s):  1899-1915
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Electric power systems--Nevada | Water use--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC194
Title:  Charles R. Breese Papers (99-62)
Abstract:  Included is data related to the Truckee river collected by Charles R. Breese as Reno Assistant City Engineer. Topics include run-off, storage, precipitation, and floods.
Creator(s):  Breese, Charles R.
Date(s):  1949-1952
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Floods--Nevada--Reno | Watershed management--Truckee River Watershed (Calif. and Nev.)
Collection Number:  99-62
Title:  William Wallace White Papers (NC455)
Abstract:  Minutes of the Truckee River Pure Water Fund (1904); reports on Truckee River pollution (1918), the Reno-Sparks sewer system (1927), and water supplies for Nevada [highways and railroads] (1927); and correspondence to and from White regarding the latter report and water purification.
Creator(s):  White, William Wallace, 1905-
Date(s):  1904-1927
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Sewage disposal plants--Nevada--Reno | Water--Pollution--Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.) | Water-supply--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC455
Title:  Sierra Club. Toiyabe Chapter Records (2013-13)
Creator(s):  Sierra Club. Toiyabe Chapter.
Date(s):  2002-2011
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Environmental impact statements--Nevada | Range management--Nevada | Wilderness areas--Management--Nevada
Collection Number:  2013-13
Title:  The Truckee Basin Fishery, 1844-1944 (NC1246/3)
Abstract:  A history of fish and fishing in the Truckee River from Verdi to Pyramid Lake.,Included are a summary of fisheries before 1900, the causes and effects of pollution in the river, and the final destruction of native fish species.
Creator(s):  Townley, John M.
Date(s):  1978
Place(s):  Pyramid Lake (Nev.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Fishing--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1246/3
Title:  William W. Bliss Manuscript Maps and Drawings (97-24)
Abstract:  Manuscript maps and drawings document land and water rights acquired, owned, developed, controlled, and sold by the Bliss family on the north and east shores of Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada, including Bijou, Glenbrook, Tahoe City, Spooner Summit, and the Truckee River from Tahoe City to Truckee.
Creator(s):  Bliss, William W. (William Walter), 1924-
Date(s):  1861-1955
Place(s):  Bijou (Calif.); Glenbrook (Nev.); Spooner Summit (Nev.); Tahoe City (Calif.); Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--History; Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--Land use; Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--Maps; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Water rights--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)
Collection Number:  97-24
Title:  Samuel Doten Fishing Journals (2011-18)
Abstract:  Samuel Bradford Doten (1875-1955) was born in Gold Hill, Nevada to Alfred and Mary Stoddard Doten. Doten taught at the University of Nevada, Reno from 1900 until his retirement in 1946 and served as the director of the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station. He was an avid fisherman and kept a fishing journal from 1906-1951. Collection contains his journal and a small amount of additional materials, including correspondence and photographs, found in the journals.
Creator(s):  Doten, Samuel B. (Samuel Bradford), 1875-
Date(s):  1904-1951
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Fishing--Nevada--Reno | Fishing--Nevada--Washoe County | Outdoor recreation--Nevada | Recreation--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  2011-18
Title:  Bliss Family Records (96-53)
Abstract:  Records of the Bliss family businesses which centered around Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada, include those of the Carson and Tahoe Lumber and Fluming Company, Lake Tahoe Transportation Company, Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Company, Sierra Realty Company, Truckee Lumber Company, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco Water Works, and Glenbrook Improvement Company. Topics include the lumber industry; Lake Tahoe development; Lake Tahoe tourism industry; Tahoe Tavern at Tahoe City; railroads and steamships at Lake Tahoe; development and history of Glenbrook, Nevada, and the Glenbrook Hotel; and controversy over the use and levels of water at Lake Tahoe. A small number of personal papers of the Bliss family and a collection of photographs are also part of this collection.
Creator(s):  Bliss family
Date(s):  1869-1949
Place(s):  Glenbrook (Nev.)--History; Tahoe City (Calif.)--History; Tahoe, Lake (Calif. and Nev.)--Water rights; Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--Commerce; Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--History; Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--Water rights; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)--Water rights
Subject(s):  Hotels--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Lake steamers--Tahoe, Lake (Calif. and Nev.) | Land titles--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Land use--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Lumber trade--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Motorboats--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Railroads--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Taverns (Inns)--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Water rights--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)
Collection Number:  96-53
Title:  University of Nevada. College of Engineering. Department of Civil Engineering (AC 0552)
Abstract:  Campus maps, curricular material, drawings, miscellaneous maps.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. College of Engineering.
Date(s):  1910-1926
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--Buildings, structures, etc; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)--Water diversion
Subject(s):  Engineering--Study and teaching--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0552
Title:  Diary of Henry Mann (NC384)
Abstract:  Diary covers Mann's journey from Wyoming to California via the Humboldt and Truckee Rivers, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Mann, Henry R., 1814-
Date(s):  June 21-September 18, 1849
Place(s):  Humboldt River (Nev.); Nevada--Description and travel; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Overland journeys to the Pacific
Collection Number:  NC384
Title:  Records of the President of the University of Nevada, Reno, John M. Lilley (AC 0556)
Abstract:  The Records of UNR President John M. Lilley include accreditation, bylaw revisions, and planning documents for several of the University's colleges; Animal Care and Use Program reports; architectural drawings; campus policies; communication with state and federal politicians concerning the University; correspondence; the Faculty Morale Report; financial records, a history of the Earthquake Engineering Research and Education Center, Information Technology and Telecommunications material; Intercollegiate Athletics Board reports; material about the University's lobbyists; Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station reports; proposals for new academic units; Provost John H. Frederick material; regional planning maps; reports; speeches; Washoe County regional planning material, and Wolf Run Golf Course material.
Creator(s):  Lilley, John M., 1939-
Date(s):  1997-2008
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)--Water diversion; Washoe County (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Athletics--Nevada | College sports--Nevada | Higher education and state--Nevada | Lobbying--Law and legislation--Nevada | Teachers--Training of--Nevada | Universities and colleges--Nevada--Reno--Administration | Universities and colleges--Nevada--Reno--Faculty
Collection Number:  AC 0556
Title:  David K. Rice Papers (NC1323)
Abstract:  David K. Rice worked for the Nevada Department of Wildlife for 30 years primarily as Chief Conservation Educator. He is also the author of a former weekly column for the Reno Gazette Journal on hunting and fishing. Collection contains material from the Nevada Department of Wildlife (and formerly the Nevada Fish and Game Commission) about the department's conservation work, particularly at Pyramid Lake. Also includes columns written by Rice for the RGJ.
Creator(s):  Nevada. Department of WildlifeNevada. Fish and Game Commission
Date(s):  1887-2014
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.); Pyramid Lake (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Fisheries -- Nevada | Water conservation -- Nevada -- Pyramid Lake Region
Collection Number:  NC1323
Title:  Men at Work: Federal-City of Reno Relief Program: United States community improvement appraisal (NC233)
Abstract:  An appraisal of the accomplishments of the Federal Works Project in Reno, including the Civil Works Administration, Nevada Emergency Relief Administration, and Works Progress Administration.,Projects included bridges, parks, the Washoe County Golf Course, street improvements, sewers, and flood control and were documented with photos and data on costs.
Creator(s):  Cooper, John A., (Mayor of Reno, Nev.)
Date(s):  March, 1938
Place(s):  Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.); Washoe County Golf Course (Reno, Nev.)
Subject(s):  Bridges--Nevada--Reno | Depressions--1929--United States | Flood control--Nevada--Reno | Golf courses--Nevada--Reno | Parks--Nevada--Reno | Schools--Nevada--Reno | Sewage disposal plants--Nevada--Reno | Streets--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NC233
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Reports (88-23)
Abstract:  Includes reports on Nevada agricultural economics and management, including topics dealing with range and forest management in Nevada and northeastern California flood control irrigation the Carson, Truckee, Muddy, and Colorado Rivers grazing, the state Planning Board Water Facilities Act and the Purnell Act.
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1925-1944
Place(s):  Carson River (Nev.); Carson River Valley (Nev.); Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico); Elko County (Nev.); Moapa Valley (Nev.); Muddy River (Nev.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Agriculture--Nevada | Flood control--Nevada | Forest management--California | Forest management--Nevada | Grazing--Nevada | Irrigation--Nevada | Range management--California | Range management--Nevada | Soil conservation--Nevada | State universities and colleges--Nevada | Water-supply--Nevada
Collection Number:  88-23
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