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Title:  Reno Divorce Ephemera Collection (2015-14)
Abstract:  Reno, Nevada's reputation for granting a quick divorce was widely known and often featured in print and film. The two publications included in this collection are examples of the kind of material published about Reno's divorce industry.
Creator(s):  Stodal, Robert
Date(s):  1923; 1936
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Advertising--Motion pictures--History | Divorce--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  2015-14
Title:  Vaughn Middle School Oral History Project Records (82-13)
Abstract:  Audio tape interviews conducted by the seventh and eighth grade students in the Academically Talented Program at Vaughn Middle School record the subjects thoughts on how they felt about their work, family conflicts, job satisfaction, ethical considerations, and pay.
Creator(s):  Vaughn Middle School (Reno, Nev.). Academically Talented Program.
Date(s):  1980
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Work--Nevada--Reno--Case studies | Working class--Nevada--Interviews
Collection Number:  82-13
Title:  Essay on Sarah Ann Lyell Holcomb (90-27)
Abstract:  Essay about the author's grandmother, Sarah Ann Lyell Holcomb, 1844-1921, briefly describes the Lyell family's trip to Nevada in 1864, Sarah's everyday life, and her family.
Creator(s):  Thornton, Jeanne S.
Date(s):  1952
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  90-27
Title:  Raymond I. Smith (99-64)
Abstract:  Anecdotal biograpahy by an unknown author of Raymond I. "Pappy" Smith, owner of Harold's Club in Reno, Nevada, describes Smith's personality, Reno and the gambling industry in the 1930s-1960s, Harold's Club clientele, and Smith's personal life.
Creator(s):  Error Creator Missing in EAD
Date(s):  1970s
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Gambling--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  99-64
Title:  Nellie Beasley Collection (AC 0479)
Abstract:  The collection consists of memorabilia of University of Nevada events, Reno history, and newspaper articles providing biographical information about Nellie Beasley.
Creator(s):  Beasley, Nellie
Date(s):  Bulk, 1924-1948
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History
Collection Number:  AC 0479
Title:  HIST 311 Introduction to Public History Papers: Student Papers (AC 0484)
Abstract:  The collection consists mainly of student term papers which were developed to be placed on a companion Website as a permanent online exhibit about the history of the University of Nevada. The topics covered include: Clarence Mackay, Marion Motley, Block N Society, Coffin and Keys, Fleischmann Planetarium, Wolf Pack Battalion, The Student record and Manzanita Lake.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Department of History.
Date(s):  2011-2013
Place(s):  Manzanita Lake (Reno, Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Motion pictures--Production and direction--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0484
Title:  Sparks Family Papers (2015-24)
Abstract:  John Sparks was a native of Mississippi that made his fortune in the cattle business and banking in Texas and Wyoming Territory after the Civil War. He married Nancy Elnora Knight in 1880 and moved to Elko County, Nevada where he continued cattle ranching operations. In 1902, Sparks became the 10th governor of Nevada, but passed away while in office during his second term in May 1908. Sparks was survived by his wife and four children: Maud Sparks McKenzie, Benton Hackett Sparks, Charles M. Sparks, and Leland John Sparks. Materials are comprised of 6.5 cubic feet, date from 1835 to 2009, and cover portions of the lives of John Sparks and members of his immediate family including his wife, daughters, sons, and grandson. Collection includes correspondence, business documents, newspaper clippings, gubernatorial ephemera, and memorabilia.
Creator(s):  Sparks, John, 1843-1908Sparks Family
Date(s):  Bulk, 1880-1910
Place(s):  Elko County (Nev.)--History; Goldfield (Nev.)--History; Nevada--Politics and government--20th century; Reno (Nev.)--History; Sparks (Nev.); Sparks (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Cattle--Nevada | Governors--Nevada
Collection Number:  2015-24
Title:  Samuel Doten Fishing Journals (2011-18)
Abstract:  Samuel Bradford Doten (1875-1955) was born in Gold Hill, Nevada to Alfred and Mary Stoddard Doten. Doten taught at the University of Nevada, Reno from 1900 until his retirement in 1946 and served as the director of the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station. He was an avid fisherman and kept a fishing journal from 1906-1951. Collection contains his journal and a small amount of additional materials, including correspondence and photographs, found in the journals.
Creator(s):  Doten, Samuel B. (Samuel Bradford), 1875-
Date(s):  1904-1951
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--History; Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Fishing--Nevada--Reno | Fishing--Nevada--Washoe County | Outdoor recreation--Nevada | Recreation--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  2011-18
Title:  Ty Cobb Papers (97-30)
Abstract:  Ty Cobb papers consist of personal papers relating to him and his family, as well as his professional role as writer and editor at the Nevada State Journal, and its successor, the Reno Gazette-Journal. Cobb had a sports column “Inside Stuff” and later a column “Cobwebs” which he continued past retirement until his death in 1997.
Creator(s):  Cobb, Tyrus W., 1915-1997
Date(s):  1881-1997
Place(s):  Nevada--Anecdotes--History; Nevada--Biography--Anecdotes; Reno (Nev.)--Anecdotes--History; Virginia City (Nev.)--Anecdotes--History
Subject(s):  Athletics--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  97-30
Title:  Cooke Family Papers (2013-20)
Abstract:  Thomas Arthur "Tom" Cooke was a prominent and well-respected lawyor in Reno. He married Martha Patricia "Patty" Herz, while in college at the University of Nevada in the early 1940s. The Cooke family was involved in a variety of environmental, recreational, and historic preservation projects and initiatives that sought to improve northern Nevada. Materials cover some aspects of the lives and careers of members of the Cooke and Herz families. Topics include Democratic politics in Nevada, Washoe County Parks, historic preservation of Nevada landmarks, specifically buildings in Virginia City, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the opening of the Steamboat Ditch Trail, the Reno-Sparks YWCA and more.
Creator(s):  Cooke, Patricia HerzCooke, Thomas A., 1941-Cook family
Date(s):  Bulk, 1940-2000
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government--20th century; Reno (Nev.); Steamboat Ditch (Reno, Nev.); Virginia City (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Historic buildings--Conservation and restoration--Nevada | Land use--Planning--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.) | Parks--Planning--Nevada | Regional planning--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)
Collection Number:  2013-20