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Title:  Nevada Federation of Republican Women Records (2005-02)
Creator(s):  Nevada Federation of Republican Women.
Date(s):  1992-1997
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Nevada--Politics and government--20th century
Subject(s):  Women--Political activity--Nevada
Collection Number:  2005-02
Title:  Lake Tahoe-Nevada Federation of Republican Women's Club Records (2005-14)
Creator(s):  Lake Tahoe-Nevada Republican Women's Club.
Date(s):  1987-2005
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Nevada--Politics and government--20th century
Subject(s):  Women--Nevada--Douglas County--Societies and clubs | Women--Political activity--Nevada--Douglas County
Collection Number:  2005-14
Title:  Janet MacEachern Papers (94-52)
Abstract:  This collection consists of materials documenting Janet MacEachern's political, legislative, and volunteer activities. Through organizations she was active with these papers document Nevada's legislative processes and the state's growth and development. Issues covered include reapportionment, nuclear waste sites, tax restructuring, water and land use, health planning, legislative reform, the ERA, and other Nevada political issues between 1965 and 1994
Creator(s):  MacEachern, Janet
Date(s):  1964-1993
Place(s):  Boulder City (Nev.)--Politics and government; Clark County (Nev.)--Politics and government; Henderson (Nev.)--Politics and government; Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Lobbying--Law and legislation--Nevada | Medical care--Nevada | Older people--Nevada | Public health--Nevada | Women--Political activity--Nevada | Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  94-52
Title:  Martha Barlow Papers (95-64)
Abstract:  Included are an autobiographical sketch; candidate declaration forms; certificates; last will and testaments; materials related to property and the estate of Martha's father, Joseph William Gruss; genealogy of the family of her husband, Arthur Richard Barlow (1916-199-); a history of the Justice of the Peace of Mina Township, Nevada; and family photographs.
Creator(s):  Barlow, Martha, 1920-1994
Date(s):  1901-1990
Place(s):  Mineral County (Nev.)--Politics and government; Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Women--Political activity--Nevada--Mineral County
Collection Number:  95-64
Title:  University of Nevada, Reno, Bureau of Governmental Research records (AC 0259)
Abstract:  Records contain manuscripts and drafts, data, correspondence, transcribed interviews, and reports developed for bureau publications, including the Newsletter, edited by Elmer Rusco. Interviews include state senators Carl Dodge and Coe Swobe for the newsletter; and Margaret Badie, Dolores Feemster, Samuel Gibson, Howard Gloyd, Julia Hamlet, William Hunt, Ernest Mullins, Esterline Nelson, Alice Smith, William C. Webb, Joseph Williams, and Ullyses S. Woodward for Voices of Black Nevada, 1971. Also included is a Survey of Nevada libraries, 1967, and Welfare in Nevada: report of the Nevada assembly on public assistance, 1974. Records also include information collected by Hazel Erskine, Nevada political scientist and pollster.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Bureau of Governmental Research.
Date(s):  1960-1979
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Nevada--Race relations
Subject(s):  African Americans--History--Nevada | Public welfare--Law and legislation--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0259
Title:  Honorary degree recipients records (AC 0295)
Abstract:  This collection contains files on honorary degree and distinguished Nevada recipients, 1937-1969. The information includes brief biographical sketches of the recipients, correspondence, and photographs.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada System. Board of Regents.
Date(s):  1937-1969
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Nevada--Race relations
Subject(s):  African Americans--History--Nevada | Public welfare--Law and legislation--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0295
Title:  Thomas Woodnutt Miller Papers (NC441)
Abstract:  Primarily correspondence and diaries relating to all aspects of Miller's career and interests. Includes letters from many state and national leaders.
Creator(s):  Miller, Thomas Woodnutt, 1886-1973
Date(s):  1890-1973
Place(s):  Delaware--Politics and government; Nevada--Politics and government; United States--Politics and government--1901-1953
Subject(s):  Parks--Nevada | Veterans--United States
Collection Number:  NC441
Title:  Princess Mine and Milling Company Records (NC1131)
Abstract:  Contained in this collection is correspondence: letters to and from the superintendent, George G. Lyon; two major stockholders, William I. Sutherland and Nevada Governor John Henry Kinkead; James G. Chesley; D. B. Merry; J. D. Channell; and James H. Kinkead, nephew and private secretary of the governor, dealing with matters of the company and the White Mountain Water Company, operated by the same individuals.,Mention is made of state politics and delegates from Esmeralda County. A cancelled check made out to John H. Kinkead in 1878 by G. B. Hill is also included, as is a miscellaneous lot of telegrams, payrolls, and invoices.
Creator(s):  Princess Mine and Milling Company.
Date(s):  1878-1904
Place(s):  Candelaria (Nev.); Esmeralda County (Nev.)--Politics and government; Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Governors--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Candelaria | Water-supply--Nevada--Candelaria
Collection Number:  NC1131
Title:  Race and the Nevada legislature, 1860-1970 (99-40)
Abstract:  Unpublished manuscript marked "rough draft," summarizes the statutes and resolutions regarding race passed by the legislatures of Nevada, territory and state, from 1860-1970; Nevada Supreme Court decisions arising from these actions; and opinions of the Attorney General regarding these laws.
Creator(s):  Rusco, Elmer R.
Date(s):  1971
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Nevada--Race relations--Law and legislation
Subject(s):  Race relations--Law and legislation--Nevada | Race--Law and legislation--Nevada | Racism--Nevada
Collection Number:  99-40
Title:  Nevada, One of Fifty: Radio Shows (97-02)
Abstract:  Approximately 10 hours of recordings. Forty-six programs were produced, this collection is incomplete.
Creator(s):  Herman, George, English professor
Date(s):  1976
Place(s):  Nevada--Emigration and immigration; Nevada--History; Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Art--Nevada | Ghost towns--Nevada | Indians of North America--Nevada
Collection Number:  97-02
Title:  Vail Montgomery Pittman Papers (NC392)
Abstract:  Vail Montgomery Pittman was a Nevada newspaperman, State Senator (1925-1929), Lieutenant Governor (1943-1945), Governor (1945-1950), and Democratic National Committeeman from Nevada (1955-1961). Married to Ida Brewington, 1919; brother of Nevada U.S. Senator Key Pittman. Papers, primarily correspondence, are to Pittman from personal, business, and political associates. Major correspondents include Alan Bible, Berkeley Bunker, Pat McCarran, Lester Moody, Drew Pearson, Key Pittman, Mimosa (Mrs. Key) Pittman, and Grant Sawyer.
Creator(s):  Pittman, Vail Montgomery, 1883-1964
Date(s):  Bulk, 1940-1964
Place(s):  Nevada--Newspapers; Nevada--Politics and government--20th century
Subject(s):  Governors--Nevada | Governors--Nevada--Election | Operation Haylift, 1949--Nevada | Political campaigns--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC392
Title:  Correspondence from William Jackson Westerfield to George H. Densmore (NC144)
Abstract:  Letters from Westerfield in Battle Mountain, Nevada to George H. Densmore proposing the establishment of a newspaper in Battle Mountain to promote the proposed Austin Railroad between Battle Mountain and Austin, and politicing in the Nevada election of 1879, hinting that he would accept the position of private secretary to Governor Bradley.
Creator(s):  Westerfield, William Jackson, 1836-
Date(s):  1879-1871
Place(s):  Battle Mountain (Nev.); Nevada--Newspapers; Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Railroads--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC144
Title:  Sally Zanjani Papers (2013-04)
Abstract:  Sally Zanjani is a historian and former adjunct professor in the University of Nevada, Reno Political Science Department. She is the author of ten books and over sixty articles exploring the history of Nevada from the territorial period through the 19th century. Papers include research materials for Zanjani's numerous books and articles.
Creator(s):  Zanjani, Sally Springmeyer, 1937-
Date(s):  1974-2015
Place(s):  Nevada--History--19th century; Nevada--History--20th century; Nevada--History--Women; Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Authors--Nevada | Indians of North America--Nevada- 19th century | Labor unions--History--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--History--19th century | Paiute Indians--History | Women authors, American--Nevada | Women miners--Nevada | Women--Nevada--History
Collection Number:  2013-04
Title:  Clyde Mathews Papers (NC705)
Abstract:  Includes correspondence, reports, minutes and clippings of his work in civil rights; reports and clippings about the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony; and material about his Baptist ministry and Congressional Campaign.
Creator(s):  Mathews, Clyde, 1924-
Date(s):  1955-1974
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, Nevada
Subject(s):  Civil rights movements--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC705
Title:  Interview of Carl Dodge (NC400)
Abstract:  Unedited transcript of a taped interview conducted by Elmer R. Rusco in which Dodge discussed then recent changes in the Legislature, issues facing future sessions, and related matters.
Creator(s):  Dodge, Carl F., 1915-
Date(s):  April 11, 1968
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  NC400
Title:  Peter C. Petersen Papers (NC430)
Abstract:  Primarily political correspondence with Nevada Senator Pat McCarran. Some letters are accompanied by bills, receipts, and contractor's estimates relating to the Senator's property in and near Reno; or relevant newspaper clippings, memos, or minutes of meetings.
Creator(s):  Petersen, Peter C., 1893-1977
Date(s):  1938-1954
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Labor unions--Nevada | Politicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC430
Title:  Mighels Family Papers (NC470)
Abstract:  Papers include letter from Philip to Ed about business; ms on "Mining camp 'booms'" by Roy; typescript poem "Action" by Davis; scrapbook (1863-1888) started by Henry R., including clippings of his poetry and prose, Nevada history, and his election as Assembly speaker; and a scrapbook (1894-1897) by Harry of his published poetry, prose, and book reviews.
Creator(s):  Mighels family
Date(s):  1863-1937
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  American literature--19th century | American literature--20th century | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC470
Title:  Nevada State Democratic Convention Records (NC517)
Abstract:  Registration materials given to convention delegates. Includes newsletters, lists of delegates, programs, and candidate pamphlets.
Creator(s):  Nevada State Democratic Convention.
Date(s):  1962-1968
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  NC517
Title:  Henry A. Comins Papers (NC518)
Abstract:  Correspondence (including some describing Comins' early days in California), land records, stock certificates, election certificates for Assemblyman Daniel C. McDonald, speech to the Nevada Senate president [1899], prose by Comins on Anthony and Cleopatra, a map of the Jennie A Group (mine), copies of Nevada Assembly bill 69 (1895) creating a jurors' per diem fund for White Pine County, and clippings about Comins.
Creator(s):  Comins, Henry A., (Henry Adoviviam)
Date(s):  1858-1916
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  NC518
Title:  Democratic State Convention Records (NC532)
Abstract:  Registration materials given to each delegate, including bulletins, the newspaper Nevada democratic record, delegate's badge, and program listing delegates.
Creator(s):  Democratic State Convention. (Winnemucca, Nev. : 1966)
Date(s):  1966
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government; Winnemucca (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC532
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