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Title:  University of Nevada, Reno. School of the Arts Records (AC 0530)
Abstract:  The School of the Arts Records include programming calendars, promotional material about performing arts programming at the University of Nevada, Reno campus, newspaper clippings, and similar material for the School's Department of Theatre and Dance and its Department of Music. Of particular interest are recordings of several performances by the Nevada Chamber Opera.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Department of Music.; University of Nevada, Reno. Department of Theatre and Dance.University of Nevada, Reno. School of the Arts.
Date(s):  2004-2017
Subject(s):  Art--Nevada--Reno | Dance--Nevada | Music--Nevada--Reno | Theater--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0530
Title:  Nevada Repertory Company Records (AC 0668)
Abstract:  The Nevada Repertory Company was formed in 1973 by the Department of Speech and Drama in the University’s College of Arts and Science as the play and music producing arm of the Theatre Department. Collection is mostly comprised of production advertising, including flyers, posters and programs.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Department of Theatre and Dance.; University of Nevada, Reno. Nevada Repertory Company.University of Nevada. Department of Speech and Drama.
Date(s):  1973-2017
Subject(s):  Theater programs--Nevada | Theater--Nevada--Reno | Theatrical companies--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0668
Title:  University of Nevada, Reno, University Council records (AC 0100)
Abstract:  Records are the published minutes, beginning with the first meeting, April 17, 1959, though May 18,1967, and copies of the by-laws.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. University Council.
Date(s):  1959-1967
Subject(s):  Universities and colleges--Administration
Collection Number:  AC 0100
Title:  University Courses and Curriculum Committee records (AC 0465)
Abstract:  The records include agendas and minutes of meetings, correspondence, Courses and Curricula Request Proposals, Library Assessment forms, and New or Changed Course Proposal Forms, accredited degree program data, and edits for the General Catalog. A copy of the Fall 2000 Graduate School Comprehensive Examination Survey is included.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. University Courses and Curriculum Committee.
Date(s):  1986-2011
Subject(s):  Curriculum planning--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0465
Title:  University of Nevada, Reno Center for Economic Development Records (AC 0541)
Abstract:  The University Nevada Reno Center for Economic Development Records consist of background material about the Center, correspondence, reports, information about Director Thomas R. Harris, and publications about the Center. Much of the correspondence is from UNR Agricultural Information Specialist Alice Good concerning articles she wrote about Dr. Harris and the Center.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. University Center for Economic Development.
Date(s):  1994-2001
Collection Number:  AC 0541
Title:  University Police Department Records (AC 0603)
Abstract:  The University Police Department records date from 1971-2010, bulk dates the 1990s. They include five annual reports, the 25th anniversary edition of "A Reason for Tears! A Journal Dealing with Drug Abuse among Young Americans (1992);" a Campus Safety Information newsletter (1995); and a Campus Security Act Reported Crime Statistics summary for 1997. Newspaper clippings include the obituary of retired police officer David R. Wood (1921-2010), who served on the campus police force from 1969-1984.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. University Police Department.
Date(s):  Bulk, 1990-1999
Subject(s):  Campus police--Nevada | Universities and colleges--Security measures--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0603
Title:  Governor's Day Papers (AC 0020)
Abstract:  Letters and petitions sent to university President N. Edd Miller concerning the Governor's Day ceremony and protest march, and a newspaper letter to the editor which was clipped, signed and sent, often with attached letters, calling for the discharge of participating faculty and students.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1970
Subject(s):  Student movements--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0020
Title:  Governor's Day records (AC 0061)
Abstract:  This collection consists primarily of audio-tapes of interviews concerning Governor's Day, May 5, 1970. In addition to the tapes, there is the project proposal, a list of the questions asked, and copies of letters stating individual restrictions.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1970
Subject(s):  Student movements--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0061
Title:  University Archives Sound Recordings Collection (AC 0062)
Abstract:  A collection of 5 in. reels, 7 in. reels, and audiocassettes of various University of Nevada events, speeches, and interviews.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1950-1997
Subject(s):  Baccalaureate addresses--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0062
Title:  Oral History Transcripts (AC 0063)
Abstract:  The collection consists of 5 bound volumes of transcribed tapes.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1970-1974
Subject(s):  Universities and colleges--Nevada--Reno--Administration
Collection Number:  AC 0063
Title:  Meeting minutes of the faculty (AC 0101)
Abstract:  The collection contains minutes, resolutions, student petitions, reports and correspondence.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Faculty.
Date(s):  1917-1969
Collection Number:  AC 0101
Title:  Mackay Day Records (AC 0109)
Abstract:  Includes copies of the script, a copy of the program, photographs, and newspapers clippings.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1949
Subject(s):  American drama--19th century
Collection Number:  AC 0109
Title:  Right Place (University of Nevada, Reno) Records (AC 0066)
Abstract:  The Right Place was a drop-in peer counseling, information and referral center on the Reno campus. This collection contains The Right Place constitution, meeting minutes, limited records of the university's Task Force on Substance Abuse.
Creator(s):  Right Place (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1976-1978
Subject(s):  Drinking of alcoholic beverages--Nevada--Reno | Drug abuse--Nevada--Reno | Peer counseling of students--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0066
Title:  Governor's Day Records (AC 0078)
Abstract:  Announcements, flyers and posters distributed during Governor's Day, May 5, 1970
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1970
Subject(s):  Student movements--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0078
Title:  University of Nevada, Reno banners collection (AC 0263)
Abstract:  Collection consists of banners or flags which are fabrics bearing a year and/or emblem or motto, for the University of Nevada classes of 1895, 1900, 1902-1906, 1908-1909, 1912; interclass baseball, 1901-1904, 1908; class debate, 1905-1907; baseball, 1908; and women's basketball, 1912.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1895-1912
Subject(s):  Banners--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0263
Title:  SPURS Records (AC 0317)
Abstract:  Collections consist primarily of scrapbooks, 1965-1990, and contain photographs, meeting minutes, and announcements. Also included are limited University of Nevada Chapter records, which include correspondence, club rosters, treasurer's reports; and information on National SPURS and the SPURS convention held in Reno, 1982.
Creator(s):  SPURS (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1965-1991
Subject(s):  Students--Nevada--Reno | Women--Societies and clubs
Collection Number:  AC 0317
Title:  Team of the century, 1998 (AC 0432)
Abstract:  The video consists of still photographs, film footage, and narration briefly describing the history of the football program at the University of Nevada and the "Team of the century", the program's 31 greatest players.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1998]
Collection Number:  AC 0432
Title:  Agricultural Club Records (AC 0355)
Abstract:  The records in this collection cover the club's activities, 1924-1959, and consists of two scrapbooks, and 3 volumes of minutes. The scrapbooks, 1924-1927 and 1939-1959, contain newspaper clippings, programs, and some photographs. The minute books document meetings from 1936-1954; 1958-1959. The organization's constitution, a dance announcement sign, and a Wolf caricature drawing of Nevada Aggies are also included..
Creator(s):  Agricultural Club (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1924-1959
Subject(s):  Agriculture--Nevada | Universities and colleges--Societies, etc
Collection Number:  AC 0355
Title:  Nevada Wolfpack history (AC 0372)
Abstract:  The collection contains one videorecording and a typed script of the video. The video was presented prior to the University of Nevada, Reno, vs. University of Nevada, Las Vegas, football game, November 19, 1994.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno.
Date(s):  1994
Collection Number:  AC 0372
Title:  UNR Dial Club records (AC 0385)
Abstract:  This collection consists of four books which lists date, title of program, speaker, and those in attendance. Also included are copies of the yearly programs produced by the Black Rock Press, 1965/66-1969/70, a small amount of general correspondance, and a questionnaire distributed in October 1995, on continuing the club.
Creator(s):  Dial Club (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1962 to 1997
Collection Number:  AC 0385
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