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Title:  Republican Party Ephemera (AC 0203)
Abstract:  Admission ticket to rally, bumper stickers, a scorecard comparing Republican and Democratic party candidates, and brochures.
Creator(s):  Republican Party (Nev.).
Date(s):  1986
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  AC 0203
Title:  Minutes of the State Convention of the Nevada Republican Party (95-05)
Abstract:  Lengthy minutes include transcripts of remarks and speeches, including those nominating Charles H. Russell as a candidate for Nevada governor; record of votes cast for candidates; platform statement; and treasurers' report.
Creator(s):  Republican Party (Nev.). State Convention. (Location of Meeting--Winnemucca, Nev.); Data of meeeting of treaty signing--(1956 ; )
Date(s):  May 18-19, 1956
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  95-05
Title:  Program for the Nevada Republican state convention (96-29)
Abstract:  Program for the 1996 Nevada Republican state convention held May 2 in Reno, Nevada
Creator(s):  Republican Party (Nev.). Convention. (Location of Meeting--Reno, Nev.); Data of meeeting of treaty signing--(1996 ; )
Date(s):  1996
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  96-29