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Title:  Student Projects and Drawings from the Mackay School of Mines (93-01)
Abstract:  Includes student reports and technical drawings from their summer work.
Creator(s):  Mackay School of Mines.
Date(s):  1914-1972
Place(s):  Fort Peck Dam (Mont.)--Tunnels; Galena Creek Bridge (Nev.); Hoover Dam (Ariz. and Nev.); Mono Craters Tunnel (Calif.); Springfield (Mass.)
Subject(s):  Tunneling--California | Tunneling--Nevada | Water-supply--Nevada
Collection Number:  93-01
Title:  John W. Mackay Statue Rededication (AC 0363)
Abstract:  This collection consists of correspondence, invitations, university publications, announcements, copies of speeches, new clippings, a Nevada State proclamation, photographs of the rededication, and a copy of a biography of Clarence Mackay by Robert M. Hawkins. Hawkins, a descendant, was a UNR student in 1961.
Creator(s):  Mackay School of Mines.
Date(s):  1996
Subject(s):  Gold mines and mining--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0363
Title:  Mackay School of Mines Hard Rock Miners records (AC 0522)
Abstract:  The Hard Rock Miners Records consist of one item, a register signed by the ten Mackay School of Mines students who founded the organization: Morris Badt, Earl Borchert, F. Dean Bradley, John R. Bryan, Albert Buckingham, Vincent P. Gianella, Simon Merenbach, Walter S. Palmer, Frank Silva, and Morris T. Smith.
Creator(s):  Mackay School of Mines. Hard Rock Miners.
Date(s):  1919
Subject(s):  College students--Societies and clubs--Nevada | Mining schools and education--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0522