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Title:  Abstract of Nevada testimony, Colorado River case (NC883)
Abstract:  Includes Shamberger's and other Nevada testimony on the Colorado River drainage area in Nevada and the Muddy and Virgin river drainage.,Also contains a partial outline of Rifkin's final report on allocation of Colorado River water to Nevada, California, and Arizona.
Creator(s):  Shamberger, Hugh A.
Date(s):  1958
Place(s):  Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico); Moapa Valley (Nev.); Muddy River (Nev.); Virgin River
Subject(s):  Water rights--Nevada | Water use--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC883
Title:  Abstract of title for mining claims in the Esmeralda Mining District (97-45)
Abstract:  Abstract of title for mining claims in the Esmeralda Mining District, Aurora, California, traces the chain of title for Vibbard's property. Included are names of claims, method of acquisition, and dates. Aurora was later surveyed and found to be in Nevada
Creator(s):  Vibbard, P. G.
Date(s):  August 31, 1861
Place(s):  Aurora (Nev.)--History
Subject(s):  Mineral industries--Nevada--Aurora | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Aurora | Mining engineering--Nevada--Aurora
Collection Number:  97-45
Title:  Abstract of title for property and water rights in the Carson Valley (90-01)
Abstract:  Abstract of title from 1870-1924 for property in the Carson Valley owned by H. F. Dangberg Land and Live Stock Company and the Virginia Ranch Land and Cattle Company.
Creator(s):  Godecky, Henry
Date(s):  1924
Place(s):  Carson River Valley (Nev.)
Collection Number:  90-01
Title:  Abstract of title for property in Virginia City, Nevada, owned by Dr. W.S. Mineer (93-54)
Abstract:  Abstract of title for property on Sutton Avenue between B and C Streets in Virginia City, Nevada, owned by Dr. W.S. Mineer.
Creator(s):  Stevens and Company.
Date(s):  April 8, 1864
Subject(s):  Title examinations--Nevada--Virginia City
Collection Number:  93-54
Title:  Abstract of Title to Kirman and Rickey's Lands in Antelope Valley, California and Nevada (NC224)
Abstract:  Abstract of title to Kirman and Rickey's lands in Antelope Valley, California and Nevada, includes a description of acquisitions, water rights, and ditches appurtenant to those lands.
Creator(s):  Kirman and Rickey.
Date(s):  1875-1897
Place(s):  Antelope Valley (Calif.); Antelope Valley (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Water rights--California | Water rights--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC224
Title:  Abstract of title to lots 13 and 14 in block 30, Prater's Addition to Sparks (NC1103)
Abstract:  Chain of title for two lots in Sparks, citing all owners, mortgages, and liens.
Creator(s):  Washoe County Title Guaranty Company.
Date(s):  1924
Place(s):  Sparks (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC1103
Title:  Abstract of Title to the Velvet, Sunflower, Algae, Butler, Moonshine, Potlatch, Mt. Hood, and Crown Lodes in Goldfield Mining District, Esmeralda County, Nevada (88-05)
Abstract:  Summary of contents of county records recording land transactions for certain mining claims.,Documents summarized include deeds, mining location certificates, articles of incorporation, lists of officers, leases, liens and releases, and proofs of labor.
Creator(s):  Esmeralda County Abstract Company.
Date(s):  1910
Place(s):  Goldfield Mining District (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Esmeralda County
Collection Number:  88-05
Title:  Abstract of title to Thomas Rickey's lands in Antelope Valley, Nevada (NC225)
Abstract:  Abstract of title to Kirman and Rickey's lands in Antelope Valley, California and Nevada, includes a description of acquisitions, water rights, and ditches appurtenant to those lands.
Creator(s):  Rickey, Thomas B., (Thomas Brinley), 1836-1920
Date(s):  1880-1890
Place(s):  Antelope Valley (Nev.); Douglas County (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC225
Title:  Abstract of Title...Riverside Heights Addition to Reno... (NC1017)
Abstract:  Chain of title for lot 10, block 2 of the Riverside Heights Addition to Reno, Nevada, beginning with its acquisition by the Central Pacific Railroad, then Myron Lake, the Newlands Company, and others.
Creator(s):  Washoe County Title Guaranty Company.
Date(s):  1876-1920
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC1017
Title:  Abstract of votes for state officers (NC869)
Abstract:  Count of votes cast in general election of Nov. 2, 1886.,Includes names of candidates for each office, number of votes received at each polling place, and statement of certification.
Creator(s):  Douglas County (Nev.). Board of County Commissioners.
Date(s):  November 8, 1886
Subject(s):  Elections--Nevada--Douglas County
Collection Number:  NC869
Title:  Academic Council records (NUB 12/01/04)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Academic Council.
Date(s):  1944-1980
Collection Number:  NUB 12/01/04
Title:  Academic Planning Committee records (NUB 15/82)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Academic Planning Committee.
Date(s):  1965-1968
Collection Number:  NUB 15/82
Title:  Academic Standards Committee records (NUB 15/08/07)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada. Academic Standards Committee.
Date(s):  1963
Collection Number:  NUB 15/08/07
Title:  Academy for the Environment Records (AC 0623)
Abstract:  The Academy for the Environment records consist of issues of its newsletter; a brochure of environmental degrees offered at the university; the report of the 2007 Tahoe Summit that describes the activities of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science, the College of Engineering, the Reynolds School of Journalism, and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension; and an Earth Day poster.
Creator(s):  Academy for the Environment.
Date(s):  2007-2009
Place(s):  Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)--Environmental aspects
Subject(s):  Earth Day -- Nevada | Environmental education--Nevada | Environmental protection--Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)
Collection Number:  AC 0623
Title:  Account book for Carson Screen Works Company (NC232)
Abstract:  Cash account book lists names of customers, purchases, payments, and transaction dates.
Creator(s):  Carson Screen Works Company.
Date(s):  1888-1890
Subject(s):  Business enterprises--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC232
Title:  Account book of Nelson Brobant (2001-03)
Abstract:  The volume includes entries from November 14, 1859 to February 4, 1860 for daily transactions made to repair tools for Comstock Lode miners.
Creator(s):  Brobant, Nelson
Date(s):  1859-1860
Place(s):  Comstock Lode (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Gold Hill | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--History--19th century | Repairing trades--Nevada
Collection Number:  2001-03
Title:  Account book of the Eagle Hotel (86-10)
Abstract:  The volume includes records of meals charged to guests at the Eagle Hotel in Dry Creek from December 1871 through October 1872. Also contains similar records for the Spring Valley House, October 1872 to February 1873 and a time book (6 pages) for Dry Creek Claims, 1873.
Creator(s):  Eagle Hotel (Dry Creek, Nev.).
Date(s):  1871-1873
Place(s):  Humboldt County (Nev.)--History; Pershing County (Nev.)--History
Collection Number:  86-10
Title:  Account ledger (91-20)
Abstract:  Account ledger itemizes purchases, mostly of produce, poultry and dairy products, and freight and other associated charges.
Creator(s):  Guild, H. C.
Date(s):  1902
Subject(s):  Business enterprises--United States
Collection Number:  91-20
Title:  Account ledger of A. Korn Company (87-29)
Abstract:  Account ledger includes name of client, address, and date and price of goods purchased.
Creator(s):  A. Korn Company.
Date(s):  1884-1885
Subject(s):  Business enterprises--California--San Francisco | Business enterprises--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-29
Title:  Account sheet for building materials (2001-05)
Abstract:  Account sheet believed to be from the Virginia City, N.T. area, for Isaac G. Forbes in account with S.M. Blaisdell, for lumber products for four months during 1858. The items ordered include building materials such as boards, siding, roofing, and shingles.
Creator(s):  Forbes, Isaac G
Date(s):  1858 May 9-1858 June 22
Place(s):  Comstock Lode (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Building materials--Nevada | Financial statements--Nevada
Collection Number:  2001-05
Title:  An act to prohibit the sale of ardent spirits, fire-arms, or ammunition to the Indians (96-27)
Abstract:  Bill no. 43, this act prohibited the sale of liquor, guns, and ammunition to Indians and provided for punishment for law breakers.
Creator(s):  Nevada. Legislature. Assembly.
Date(s):  December 1, 1862
Subject(s):  Alcohol--Law and legislation--Nevada | Ammunition--Law and legislation--Nevada | Firearms--Law and legislation--Nevada | Indians of North America--Alcohol use--Law and legislation--Nevada | Indians of North America--Legal status, laws, etc--Nevada
Collection Number:  96-27
Title:  An addendum to the Joseph F. McDonald Papers (98-05)
Abstract:  Included are letters to and from Nevada politicians, and from Harry S. Bunker, treasurer of Speidel Newspapers, Inc. In addition to letters there are occasionally newspaper clippings and election ephemeral.
Creator(s):  McDonald, Joseph F.
Date(s):  1937-1960
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Journalists--Nevada
Collection Number:  98-05
Title:  Administrative Council records (NUB 12/01/05)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Administrative Council.
Date(s):  1981-1987
Collection Number:  NUB 12/01/05
Title:  Administrative Manual Records (AC 0626)
Abstract:  The collection consists of various editions of the University’s Administrative Manual and periodic approved revisions. The collection also contains the University of Nevada System (UNS) Administrative Manual with content from 1969-1972, with a handwritten, January 1973 note on the cover that the UNS Administrative Manual was discontinued and all material was to be incorporated into the UNR Administrative Manual.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada System.University of Nevada, Reno. Office of the President.
Date(s):  1963-2000
Subject(s):  Education, Higher--Administration--Nevada | Universities and colleges--Nevada--Reno--Administration
Collection Number:  AC 0626
Title:  Administrative Manual Revisions (AC 0627)
Abstract:  The Administrative Manual contains established University policy and is intended to serve in understanding and implementing university policies, identifying responsibilities, and providing guidelines in the performance of specific tasks. Proposed policy and procedure revisions to the Administrative Manual that are approved by the Faculty Senate, Provost, and President are distributed to the University community.
Creator(s):  Administrative Manual Policy Review Board.
Date(s):  2001-2017
Subject(s):  Education, Higher--Administration--Nevada | Universities and colleges--Nevada--Reno--Administration
Collection Number:  AC 0627
Title:  Administrative manuals for Basic Magnesium Inc. (NC840)
Abstract:  Includes a foreman's manual, review of BMI activities in magnesium development (with photos), and details of the electrical system.
Creator(s):  Basic Magnesium, Incorporated.
Date(s):  1943-1944
Subject(s):  Magnesium | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC840
Title:  Administrative Services Committee records (NUB 15/19/12)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada. Administrative Services Committee.
Date(s):  1960-1963
Collection Number:  NUB 15/19/12
Title:  Advertisement for White House Hotel (94-41)
Abstract:  Advertising flyer printed on silk lists rules and regulations of the hotel, and laws enacted for the protection of hotels and lodging houses.
Creator(s):  White House (Hotel : Carson City, Nev.).
Date(s):  circa 1900
Subject(s):  Hotels--Nevada--Carson City | Hotels--Nevada--Genoa
Collection Number:  94-41
Title:  Affidavit (97-07)
Abstract:  L.R. Kelly's affidavit, asserting that he and J.B. Simpson arrested Jack King and William Adams on Aug. 23, 1882, and listing money and property they confiscated at that time.
Creator(s):  Kelly, L. R.
Date(s):  February 5, 1885
Collection Number:  97-07
Title:  Affidavit and map of Dardanelles Mining Company (NC186)
Abstract:  Affidavit submitted to the General Land Office in Washington, D. C. in the case of the Dardanelles' application for a patent contains statement of superintendent John B. Winter on the Comstock Lode mines.,Also included is a map showing Dardanelles Mine, Overman Mine and the Crown Point Mine shaft.
Creator(s):  Dardanelles Mining Company.
Date(s):  1873
Place(s):  Comstock Lode (Nev.); Overman Mine (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC186
Title:  Affidavit for continuance (NC156)
Abstract:  Request for continuance in the case of the State of Nevada vs J. R. Seymour in which D. R. Humphrey was to be a witness for the defense.
Creator(s):  Nevada. District Court. 5th Judicial District.
Date(s):  April 19, 1880
Collection Number:  NC156
Title:  Affirmative Action Advisory Board Records (AC 0463)
Abstract:  Board meeting agenda and minutes, memoranda, working papers, and affirmative action related reports and policy documents, background material, and promotional material.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Affirmative Action Advisory Board.
Date(s):  1993-1999
Subject(s):  Affirmative action programs--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0463
Title:  Affirmative Action Office records (AC 0442)
Abstract:  The records consist of annual university affirmative action plans, correspondence, compliance and institutional analysis reports, committee records, and miscellaneous materials related to activities of the office.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Affirmative Action Office.
Date(s):  1975-2013
Subject(s):  Affirmative action programs--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0442
Title:  African-Americans in Reno, Nevada Collection (89-53)
Abstract:  Reno, Nevada newspaper articles, advertisement, and theater playbill about black residents and the civil rights movement in Reno.
Creator(s):  Error Creator Missing in EAD
Date(s):  1958-1965
Subject(s):  African Americans--Nevada | Civil rights movements--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-53
Title:  Agenda (NC1140)
Abstract:  Meeting agenda summarizes grievances of the organization which included growth issues and the City's handling of problems related to growth and planning.
Creator(s):  Reno Citizens for a Recall Effort.
Date(s):  [1978
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)--Politics and government
Collection Number:  NC1140
Title:  Agreement between Clarence Buck, Hugh Jones, and the Dexter Gold Mining Company (95-37)
Abstract:  Agreement between Clarence Buck, Hugh Jones, and the Dexter Gold Mining Company in which Buck and Jones agree to sell their Contention Mining Claim in the Tuscarora Mining District, Elko County, Nevada, to the Dexter Gold Mining Company of Utah.
Creator(s):  Dexter Gold Mining Company.
Date(s):  March 14, 1898
Place(s):  Contention Mining Claim (Elko County, Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Elko County
Collection Number:  95-37
Title:  Agreement between James O. Swinney and John F. Lewis (NC133)
Abstract:  Agreement (1875) between Swinney and John F. Lewis, also of Howard County, for Lewis to appraise Swinney's mining property at Spruce Mountain, Nevada; and an additional agreement (1876) regarding Swinney's investments in other states.
Creator(s):  Swinney, James O., (James Oswald)
Date(s):  1875-1876
Place(s):  Spruce Mountain (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC133
Title:  Agreement Between James T. Kane and H. H. Leighton Regarding Reward Mining Claims (89-101)
Abstract:  Agreement between James T. Kane and H. H. Leighton, transferring Kane's lease and option on the Reward Mining Claims, located in Dunlop Canyon, east of Mina, Mineral County, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Reward Mining Claims.
Date(s):  February 12, 1930
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada | Stocks--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-101
Title:  Agreement Between Rawhide Great Northern Mining and Registration Trust (89-26)
Abstract:  Memorandum of agreement between the company and the Registration Trust Company for the latter to act as agent in sale of stock in the Rawhide Great Northern Mining Company.
Creator(s):  Rawhide Great Northern Mining Company.
Date(s):  March 16, 1908
Place(s):  Rawhide (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Silver mines and mining--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-26
Title:  Agreement Between Rawhide Hills Mining and Registration Trust (89-24)
Abstract:  Agreement between the company and the Registration Trust Company in which Registration agrees to handle the sale of stock in the mining company.
Creator(s):  Rawhide Hills Mining Company.
Date(s):  1908
Place(s):  Rawhide (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Silver mines and mining--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-24
Title:  Agreement Between Rawhide Mohawk Mining and Registration Trust (89-25)
Abstract:  Agreement between the company and the Registration Trust Company for the latter to act as selling agent for the company's stock.
Creator(s):  Rawhide Mohawk Mining Company.
Date(s):  February 12, 1908
Place(s):  Rawhide (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Silver mines and mining--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-25
Title:  Agreement between Succor Gold and Silver Mining Company and Cummings Cherry (93-58)
Abstract:  Agreement with Cummings Cherry to determine the practicality and value of working the mine and the suitability of the mill and amalgamating works.
Creator(s):  Succor Gold and Silver Mining Company.
Date(s):  December 19, 1863
Subject(s):  Mills and mill-work--Nevada--Gold Hill | Silver mines and mining--Nevada--Gold Hill
Collection Number:  93-58
Title:  Agreement between Taylor and Butze (NC208)
Abstract:  Agreement in which Taylor purchases property rights of Edwin Butze; the property was located in Mexico and the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico.
Creator(s):  Taylor, J. Minor, 1843-
Date(s):  1884
Collection Number:  NC208
Title:  Agreement between the mining superintendents and the Mechanics' Union, defining mechanical labor, its hours, and its wages (NC48)
Abstract:  Agreement between the mining superintendents and the Mechanics' Union, defining mechanical labor, its hours, and its wages.
Creator(s):  Mechanics' Union, Virginia City (Nev.).
Date(s):  1878
Subject(s):  Miners--Labor unions--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC48
Title:  Agreement by the Russell and Bradley Land and Cattle Company (89-103)
Abstract:  Legal agreement wherein the company agrees to defend title to land it was selling to James Buscaglia against possible claims by Reinhold Sadler.
Creator(s):  Russell and Bradley Land and Cattle Company.
Date(s):  1899
Collection Number:  89-103
Title:  Agreement of Stock Owners of Tonopah Amalgamated Mining Company (89-108)
Abstract:  Agreement wherein owners of shares of stock in the company agree to turn that stock over to M. Scheeline for sale.
Creator(s):  Tonopah Amalgamated Mining Company.
Date(s):  May 18, 1905
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-108
Title:  Agreement regarding Juniper Mine (NC685)
Abstract:  Agreement between Bernice Morrison and John F. Lewis to sell the mine.
Creator(s):  Juniper Mine.
Date(s):  1884
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Elko County
Collection Number:  NC685
Title:  Agreement regarding the Williams and Company mine claim (2001-04)
Abstract:  Agreement between eight men to share expenses to work a portion of the Williams and Company mine claim, location not given but most likely in the Comstock Lode.
Creator(s):  Error Creator Missing in EAD
Date(s):  February 16, 1863
Place(s):  Comstock Lode (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mining claims--Nevada
Collection Number:  2001-04
Title:  Agreements of Miners' Unions of Storey and Lyon Counties (NC1159)
Abstract:  Notice to the presidents of the miners' unions signed by F. F. Osbiston, Aug. 29, summarizing an agreement between the Committee of Comstock Superintendents and Miners' Unions regarding unionizing of mine workers; and letter of Sept. 5, 1877 from the Miners' Unions stating that the Gold Hill, Silver City, and Virginia [City] Miners' Unions had ratified that agreement.
Creator(s):  Miners' Unions of Storey and Lyon Counties (Nev.).
Date(s):  August 29 and September 5, 1877
Subject(s):  Labor unions--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1159
Title:  Agreements Regarding Rawhide Coalition Mine Stock (89-100)
Abstract:  Legal agreements transferring stock in the Rawhide Coalition Mine, located in Rawhide, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Rawhide Coalition Mine.
Date(s):  1908-1910
Place(s):  Rawhide (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-100
Title:  Agreements regarding Split Fraction Mining Claim (89-106)
Abstract:  Agreements in which L. Harpending sells his claims to the Split Fraction located in the Jefferson Mining District near Round Mountain, Nye County, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Split Fraction Mining Claim.
Date(s):  1906; 1914
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-106
Title:  Agricultural Club Records (AC 0355)
Abstract:  The records in this collection cover the club's activities, 1924-1959, and consists of two scrapbooks, and 3 volumes of minutes. The scrapbooks, 1924-1927 and 1939-1959, contain newspaper clippings, programs, and some photographs. The minute books document meetings from 1936-1954; 1958-1959. The organization's constitution, a dance announcement sign, and a Wolf caricature drawing of Nevada Aggies are also included..
Creator(s):  Agricultural Club (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1924-1959
Subject(s):  Agriculture--Nevada | Universities and colleges--Societies, etc
Collection Number:  AC 0355
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/01)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1888-1950
Collection Number:  NUC 01/01
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/03)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1888-1963
Collection Number:  NUC 01/03
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/01/06)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  circa 1889-1899
Collection Number:  NUC 01/01/06
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/22)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  Bulk, 1890-1897
Collection Number:  NUC 01/22
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/27)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  April 1913-February 1915
Collection Number:  NUC 01/27
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/06)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  circa 1916-circa 1927
Collection Number:  NUC 01/06
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/17)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1925
Collection Number:  NUC 01/17
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/18)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1927-1939
Collection Number:  NUC 01/18
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/14)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1933
Collection Number:  NUC 01/14
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/21)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  December 1935-February 1937
Collection Number:  NUC 01/21
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/02)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1939
Collection Number:  NUC 01/02
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/16)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1948-1957
Collection Number:  NUC 01/16
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/05)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1952-circa 1962
Collection Number:  NUC 01/05
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/04)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1962-1968
Collection Number:  NUC 01/04
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/24)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  circa 1977
Collection Number:  NUC 01/24
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Records (NUC 01/19)
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1985
Collection Number:  NUC 01/19
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station records (NUC 01/01/02)
Creator(s):  Error Creator Missing in EAD
Date(s):  1911-1929
Collection Number:  NUC 01/01/02
Title:  Agricultural Experiment Station Reports (88-23)
Abstract:  Includes reports on Nevada agricultural economics and management, including topics dealing with range and forest management in Nevada and northeastern California flood control irrigation the Carson, Truckee, Muddy, and Colorado Rivers grazing, the state Planning Board Water Facilities Act and the Purnell Act.
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Date(s):  1925-1944
Place(s):  Carson River (Nev.); Carson River Valley (Nev.); Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico); Elko County (Nev.); Moapa Valley (Nev.); Muddy River (Nev.); Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Agriculture--Nevada | Flood control--Nevada | Forest management--California | Forest management--Nevada | Grazing--Nevada | Irrigation--Nevada | Range management--California | Range management--Nevada | Soil conservation--Nevada | State universities and colleges--Nevada | Water-supply--Nevada
Collection Number:  88-23
Title:  Alan Bible Papers (NC01)
Abstract:  Nevada U.S. Senator, 1954-1974; District Attorney of Storey County, Nevada, 1935-1940; Nevada State Attorney General, 1942-1950. Contains material covering the period of Bible's career in the U.S. Senate, 1954-1974. A large part concerns legislation introduced or sponsored by Alan Bible also legislation affecting Nevadans. Correspondence from Nevadans requesting help or information on legislative topics is another major part of the collection.
Creator(s):  Bible, Alan, 1909-1988
Date(s):  1953-1974
Subject(s):  Politicians--Nevada | Politics, Practical
Collection Number:  NC01
Title:  Alan Hensher Papers (NC626)
Abstract:  Includes correspondence to Hensher from Elizabeth Clemens regarding her husband Earle R. Clemens, publisher of the Rhyolite herald; Hensher's notes on the history of southern Nevada newspapers; Earle R. Clemen's correspondence, financial, and legal papers from Rhyolite; and an official mining claims register from Beatty and Bullfrog Mining Districts (Nevada).
Creator(s):  Hensher, Alan
Date(s):  1905-1966
Place(s):  Bullfrog Mining District (Nev.); Goldfield (Nev.); Rhyolite (Nev.)
Subject(s):  American newspapers--History--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC626
Title:  Albert Lowry Memorandum Notebook (AC 0590)
Abstract:  AC 0590 consists of a small, leatherette-bound "Memorandum" notebook with Albert Lowry's signature on the inside front cover, listing his income and college expenses.
Creator(s):  Lowry, Albert
Date(s):  1921 January 7-1922 January
Subject(s):  College students--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0590
Title:  Alegre and Harrison Architects Records (NAA2)
Abstract:  Architectural drawings for projects in northern Nevada, primarily schools.,Included are drawings and some specifications.
Creator(s):  Alegre and Harrison Architects.
Date(s):  1957-1961
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada
Collection Number:  NAA2
Title:  Alfred Doten Papers (NC08)
Abstract:  Diaries relating to Doten's trip from Plymouth, Mass. by sea to California in 1849, his life as a placer miner and rancher in California, and as a newspaperman in Nevada; literary, biographical and historical manuscripts; a complete file of the Como Sentinel and its successor, the Lyon County Sentinel; and clippings of Doten's articles.,Other papers relate to Governor C. C. Stevenson of Nevada, the construction of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, the town of Gold Hill, Nevada, and the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight.
Creator(s):  Doten, Alfred, 1829-1903
Date(s):  1849-1903
Place(s):  Gold Hill (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Boxing--Nevada | Journalism--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada | Mines and mineral resources--California | Ranches--California
Collection Number:  NC08
Title:  Alfred L. Higginbotham Papers (AC 0255)
Abstract:  The collection includes correspondence with students, alumni, members and officers of local, University and professional organizations, boards and committees, 1920-1966; information on the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame, including student papers on Nevada's earliest newspapers, 1928-1965; articles and speeches; early records of the Nevada State Press Association, 1924-1966; records of the Far Western Association of Departments of Journalism (FWADJ) ,1934- 1942; the American Society of Journalism School Administrators (ASJSA) , 1943-1963; Sigma Delta Chi, 1944-1965; Kappa Tau Alpha, 1936-1965; and a collection of materials entitled Propaganda, 1929- 1941 ; 1950.
Creator(s):  Higginbotham, Alfred L., 1895-1967
Date(s):  1920-1966
Subject(s):  American newspapers--History--Nevada | Journalism--Nevada | Journalists--Nevada | Propaganda
Collection Number:  AC 0255
Title:  Alfred L. Higginbotham Papers (89-30)
Abstract:  Alfred L. Higginbotham was a professor of journalism at the University of Nevada-Reno. The collection consists of materials collected by Higginbotham documenting the history of Nevada.
Creator(s):  Higginbotham, Alfred L., 1895-1967
Date(s):  1925-1965
Place(s):  Manhattan (Nev.); Owyhee (Nev.); Whipple Cave (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Caves--Nevada | Industrialists--Nevada | Lotteries--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-30
Title:  Alfred Merritt Smith Papers (NC100)
Abstract:  Alfred Merritt Smith, 1876-1968, received both his Bachelors and Masters in Mining Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He served as Nevada State Engineer from 1935-1952, was an administrative assistant to Senator George Malone (1952-1960), served on the Colorado River Commission, Atomic Power Utilization Committee (1952-1959), and served on various committees regarding water in Nevada and California. The majority of the papers are from his professional life and includes materials on State Engineer projects, survey books, personal and professional correspondence.
Creator(s):  Smith, Alfred Merritt
Date(s):  1916-1958
Place(s):  California--Surveys; Nevada--Surveys; Oregon--Surveys
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada | Silver question--Nevada | Water rights--Nevada | Water--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC100
Title:  Algernon Charles Swinburne Correspondence (NC818)
Abstract:  Autographed letters to Swinburne and typescripts, from Westland Marston, W.E. Henry, Robert Bridges, F. Madox Brown, William Sharp, and J. Churton Collins on a variety of subjects.
Creator(s):  Swinburne, Algernon Charles, 1837-1909
Date(s):  1887-1897
Collection Number:  NC818
Title:  Alhambra Theatre playbills (96-23)
Abstract:  Playbills to advertise performances at the theater list names of plays or performances, names of performers, future attractions, and cost of admission.
Creator(s):  Alhambra Theatre (Virginia City, Nev.).
Date(s):  March 30-May 2, 1870
Subject(s):  Amusements--Nevada--Virginia City | Playbills--Nevada--Virginia City | Theater programs--Nevada--Virginia City | Theater--Nevada--Virginia City | Women--Suffrage--Nevada--Virginia City
Collection Number:  96-23
Title:  Alice Gold Mining Company Prospectus (89-44)
Abstract:  Details on location of minein Tule Canon, thirty-five miles south of Goldfield, Nevada, prospects, officers, plan of operation, and photos of site.
Creator(s):  Alice Gold Mining Company.
Date(s):  1900's
Place(s):  Tule Canyon (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Gold mines and mining--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-44
Title:  Alice L. Smith Papers (93-10)
Abstract:  Included is biographical information; personal correspondence; working papers for Smith's community service involvement
Creator(s):  Smith, Alice L., 1902-1990
Date(s):  1940-1991
Subject(s):  African Americans--Nevada--Reno | Women--West (U.S.)--History
Collection Number:  93-10
Title:  Alicia Smalley Papers (93-70)
Abstract:  Campaign materials for Smalley's second election to the Douglas County, Nevada, school board include flyers, mailings, sample ballot, clippings, and a photograph of Smalley.
Creator(s):  Smalley, Alicia
Date(s):  1983-1992
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Education--Nevada--Douglas County | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  93-70
Title:  Allen A. Curtis correspondence (96-36)
Abstract:  1 page letter to Allen A. Curtis from Whitney and Company of Battle Mountain, Nevada, discusses shipments of ore.
Creator(s):  Curtis, Allen A.
Date(s):  September 17, 1871
Subject(s):  Ores--Transportation--Nevada
Collection Number:  96-36
Title:  Alliance Française du Nevada Correspondence (89-42)
Abstract:  Letter containing statement of purpose and list of scholarship committee members, and invitation to a Christmas party.
Creator(s):  Alliance française du Nevada.
Date(s):  1965-1970
Subject(s):  Clubs--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-42
Title:  The Alliance Records (NUB 58/124)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. The Alliance.
Date(s):  1999-2001
Collection Number:  NUB 58/124
Title:  Allison Bowers Papers (NC238)
Abstract:  Primarily legal records concerning the Virginia City, Nevada estate of L. S. Bowers.,Included are deeds to the Atchison Silver Mining Company; court documents concerning Eilley's suits with the Mexican Gold and Silver Mining Company and others, and a financial statement for the estate.
Creator(s):  Bowers, Allison, 1824-1903
Date(s):  1863-1876
Collection Number:  NC238
Title:  Alpha Tau Omega. Delta Iota Chapter (University of Nevada) Records (NUB 59/03/16)
Creator(s):  Alpha Tau Omega. Delta Iota Chapter (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1925-1963
Subject(s):  Fraternal organizations--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NUB 59/03/16
Title:  Alpha Zeta Scrapbook (AC 0283)
Abstract:  Scrapbook includes chapter guidebooks, photographs, news clippings, constitution and by-laws.
Creator(s):  Alpha Zeta. Nevada Chapter (University of Nevada, Reno).
Date(s):  1963-1966
Subject(s):  Greek letter societies--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0283
Title:  Alphratta Blanche Preston Papers (NC1198)
Abstract:  This collection consists of French professor and boarding house operator Blanche Preston's diaries, correspondence with family members, personal papers, financial documents and ephemera dating from 1901-1973.
Creator(s):  Preston, Alphratta Blanche, 1886-1977
Date(s):  1901-1973
Collection Number:  NC1198
Title:  Alton E. Glass Papers (NC362)
Abstract:  Material prior to 1959, mostly from 1956, comprises texts of speeches, appraisals, crop budgets, plans and charts. Subsequent material contains financial records of Glass' independent business, 1959-1965, and about 265 folders of appraisals. Appraisals include deeds, notes, photographs, correspondence, histories of the areas and valuations of properties. Larger appraisals include the George Wingfield estate in Reno, Lucile Brown estate in Smith Valley, Nevada, and James Canyon Ranch in Douglas and Ormsby Counties, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Glass, Alton E., 1893-1966
Date(s):  1930-1966
Place(s):  James Canyon Ranch (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Real property--Valuation--Nevada--Douglas County | Real property--Valuation--Nevada--James Canyon Ranch | Real property--Valuation--Nevada--Ormsby County | Real property--Valuation--Nevada--Reno | Real property--Valuation--Nevada--Smith Valley
Collection Number:  NC362
Title:  American Association for the Advancement of Science Program (89-45)
Abstract:  Program for annual meeting includes description of Reno attractions, list of officers, and schedule of speakers.
Creator(s):  American Association for the Advancement of Science. (Location of Meeting--Reno, Nev.); Data of meeeting of treaty signing--(1927 ; )
Date(s):  1927
Place(s):  Reno (Nev.)
Collection Number:  89-45
Title:  American Association of University Professors, University of Nevada, Reno Chapter records (AC 0165)
Abstract:  Collection contains minutes, membership rosters, announcements, resolutions, news clippings, committee reports, and national AAUP chapter letters. Earliest record is a 1947 salary study, with records primarily 1955-1970s.
Creator(s):  American Association of University Professors. University of Nevada, Reno Chapter.
Date(s):  1947; 1955-1983
Collection Number:  AC 0165
Title:  American Association of University Woman scrapbook (99-45)
Abstract:  The purpose of the Boulder City, Nevada, branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is to unite college women of Boulder City in friendship and in practical work on the education, civic, and social problems of the community, and to further the aims of the AAUW.
Creator(s):  American Association of University Women. Boulder City Branch (Nev.).
Date(s):  1942-1952
Subject(s):  Women--Nevada--Boulder City
Collection Number:  99-45
Title:  American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada Records (NC456)
Creator(s):  American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada.
Date(s):  1970-1978
Collection Number:  NC456
Title:  American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada Records (99-18)
Abstract:  Included are minutes of the northern Nevada chapter, southern Nevada chapter, and state board meetings; administrative and issues correspondence; bylaws; organizational history; membership statistics; complaints and litigation files; subject files; and newspaper clippings.
Creator(s):  American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada.
Date(s):  1971-1998
Subject(s):  Abortion--Nevada | Alternatives to imprisonment--Nevada. | Civil rights--Nevada | Equal rights amendments--Nevada | Gay rights--Nevada | Prisons--Nevada
Collection Number:  99-18
Title:  American Federation of Musicians. Local No. 368, Reno, Nevada Records (91-37)
Abstract:  Included are minutes, correspondence, subject files, bylaws, stewards' reports, grievance files, union/casino collective bargaining documentation, subject files, financial records, and administrative records of the Reno Musicians' Federal Credit Union.
Creator(s):  American Federation of Musicians. Local No. 368 (Reno, Nev.).
Date(s):  Bulk, 1930-1984
Subject(s):  Casinos--Nevada | Collective bargaining--Entertainers--Nevada | Collective labor agreements--Entertainers--Nevada | Entertainers--Nevada | Musicians--Labor unions--Nevada | Musicians--Nevada
Collection Number:  91-37
Title:  American Flat Development Company correspondence (NC346)
Abstract:  Two letters from L.F.J. Wrinkle and James A. Yerington outline the location of veins of silver ore to be developed and the purposes of the company.,Also included is a list of company officers.
Creator(s):  American Flat Development Company.
Date(s):  1897; 1906
Place(s):  American Flat (Nev.); Sutro Tunnel (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC346
Title:  American Legion, Darrell Dunkle Post 1 Records (87-03)
Abstract:  Collection includes correspondence, financial records, membership rolls, and publications generated at the national, state (Department of Nevada), and local levels from the men's organization, the women's auxiliary, and "La societe des 40 hommes et 8 chevaux" (the "40 & 8", veterans of WWI horse units)
Creator(s):  American Legion. Darrell Dunkle Post #1 (Reno, Nev.).
Date(s):  1919-1960
Subject(s):  Baseball for children--Nevada | Child welfare--United States | Clubs | Patriotic societies--Nevada | Prohibition | Veterans | Veterans--Societies, etc.
Collection Number:  87-03
Title:  American National Red Cross. Esmeralda County Chapter Records (2017-23)
Abstract:  American Red National Cross chapter of Esmeralda County founded before 1937 in Goldfield, Nevada. Collection includes 1939 membership drive materials and a 1951 Deep Mines membership card.
Creator(s):  American National Red Cross. Esmeralda County Chapter.
Date(s):  Bulk, 1937-1939
Place(s):  Goldfield (Nev.)
Collection Number:  2017-23
Title:  American Women's Voluntary Services Records (NC450)
Abstract:  Included are minutes, 1952-1956; scrapbooks with pamphlets, clippings, programs, correspondence, and photos, 1942-1968; and a photo album, 1961-1966.
Creator(s):  American Women's Voluntary Services
Date(s):  1942-1968
Subject(s):  World War, 1939-1945 -- Social aspects -- Nevada -- Reno | Women volunteers in social service -- Nevada | Women -- Societies and clubs
Collection Number:  NC450
Title:  Ancient Order of United Workmen, River Lodge No. 6 Records (NC388)
Abstract:  Included are reports, a resolution, and correspondence.
Creator(s):  Ancient Order of United Workmen. River Lodge No. 6 (Dayton, Nev.).
Date(s):  1886-1894
Subject(s):  Secret societies--Nevada--Dayton
Collection Number:  NC388
Title:  Andrew A. Halacsy Collection (AC 0166)
Abstract:  The collection, covering the years 1856-1984, consists of diagrams, reprints, patents, photographs, microfilm, and correspondence pertaining to the invention and development of the transformer.
Creator(s):  Halacsy, Andrew A.
Date(s):  1883-1985
Subject(s):  Electric transformers--History | Electrical engineering--History
Collection Number:  AC 0166
Title:  Andrew F. Rolle Correspondence (88-41)
Abstract:  Letters to Grace Griffin of Reno, Nevada, and her daughter Gloria Griffin Cline, about Rolle's books, awards, and travel plans.
Creator(s):  Rolle, Andrew F.
Date(s):  1969-1970
Subject(s):  Authors, American--20th century
Collection Number:  88-41
Title:  Andrew H. Scott Papers (NC535)
Creator(s):  Scott, Andrew H., -1967
Date(s):  1893-1928
Collection Number:  NC535
Title:  Andrew H. Scott Papers (89-33)
Abstract:  This collection includes business and personal papers from Andrew H. Scott, Nevada mineral assayer. Papers document his business, fraternal activities, and mining interests.
Creator(s):  Scott, Andrew H., d. 1967
Date(s):  1907-1979
Place(s):  Nevada Packard Mine
Subject(s):  Erotic literature | Mines and mineral resources--Nevada | Suffrage--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-33
Title:  Angus E. Cauble Papers (NC712)
Abstract:  Includes certificates, correspondence, memorial from his union, the Butcher workman (May 1955) with Cauble's obituary, and photos.
Creator(s):  Cauble, Angus E.
Date(s):  1929-1955
Subject(s):  Labor unions--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC712
Title:  Ann Herbert Scott Census Book Papers (NC1064)
Abstract:  Manuscript, correspondence, and research notes for Scott's book on the history of the United States census.
Creator(s):  Scott, Ann Herbert
Date(s):  1966-1967
Place(s):  United States--Census--History
Collection Number:  NC1064
Title:  Ann Ronald Papers (2008-02)
Abstract:  The Ann Ronald Papers contain materials that cover Ronald's tenure as a professor and administrator at the University of Nevada, Reno as well as her role as a leading scholar and author in the fields of nature writing and ecocriticism. A lifelong member of the Western Literature Association, many of Ronald's books, articles, and essays describe the places and landscapes of the American West, especially Nevada. Materials include book manuscript drafts, research notes, promotional items, correspondence, certificates and awards, conference information and planning, articles, book reviews both by Ronald and about her work, visitors guides, and pamphlets from locations around the West.
Creator(s):  Ronald, Ann, 1939-
Date(s):  Bulk, 1970-2008
Subject(s):  American literature--20th century | Women authors, American--20th century | Women authors, American--Nevada
Collection Number:  2008-02
Title:  Anna Lander West McDonnell Papers (96-13)
Abstract:  The Anna Lander West McDonnell Papers include materials documenting Anna McDonnell and the Lander family. This includes correspondence, wills, cemetery documents, news clippings and biographical information.
Creator(s):  McDonnell, Anna Lander West, 1876-1966
Date(s):  1849-1964
Subject(s):  Women--West (U.S.)
Collection Number:  96-13
Title:  Anne Martin campaign literature (96-25)
Abstract:  Campaign literature includes flyers with testimonials from well-known national feminist figures; Martin's views on World War I, on land monopoly in Nevada, and on labor; and postcards in English and Italian urging women to support Martin in her Nevada senatorial campaig
Creator(s):  Martin, Anne, 1875-1951
Date(s):  1914-1918
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Subject(s):  Feminism--History--20th century--Nevada | Suffrage--Nevada | Women--Political activity--Nevada | Women--Suffrage--Nevada
Collection Number:  96-25
Title:  Anne Martin Letter to Jay Carpenter (NC1310)
Abstract:  Letter with envelope sent to Jay Carpenter, director of the Mackay School of Mines, regarding the translation history of the book De Re Metallica by Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover. Martin stayed with the Hoovers while they worked on this translation from Red House, Hornton Street, Kensington. The letter was formerly tipped into De Re Metalica (London : The Mining Magazine, 1912); Special Collections call number TN617 .A4 1912 c.4.
Creator(s):  Martin, Anne, 1875-1951
Date(s):  February 4, 1945
Collection Number:  NC1310
Title:  Annie Harris Papers (NC491)
Abstract:  List of expenses for an overland journey from the east (Millwood) to Denver City, in 1858, and a deed of sale for hay from the Carbell Ranch to Joseph Jones (1894).
Creator(s):  Harris, Annie, (Rancher)
Date(s):  1858, 1894
Subject(s):  Overland journeys to the Pacific | Women pioneers--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC491
Title:  Announcements for the Southern Commercial Convention (NC871)
Abstract:  Flyers include call for convention in Louisville, Ky in Oct., 1869; and rules for representation and presentation of subjects to be considered at conventions.
Creator(s):  Southern Commercial Convention. (Memphis, Tenn. : 1869)
Date(s):  1869
Collection Number:  NC871
Title:  Annual report of Spring Valley Mines Company (94-20)
Abstract:  Annual report submitted to the Nevada State Inspector of Mines lists names of claims owned by the company; name of mine owners and addresses; amount of capital stock and its value; names and addresses of officers; name of mine supervisor; number, type and wages of employees; character of mine (types of shafts); average monthly tonnage; location of nearest railroad; cost of power; nationality of employees; and method of mining utilized.
Creator(s):  Spring Valley Mines Company.
Date(s):  June 21, 1934
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Virginia City
Collection Number:  94-20
Title:  Annual reports of the Cooperative Extension Service (AC 0211)
Abstract:  Annual reports by the Cooperative Extension Service on agricultural and natural resources, home economics, youth, 4-H, and other community resource programs. Records contain statistical data, narrative reports of accomplishments, and personnel data.
Creator(s):  Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture. Cooperative Extension Service.
Date(s):  1962; 1973-1983
Subject(s):  4-H clubs--Nevada | Agricultural extension work--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0211
Title:  Annual reports of the Federated Church of Reno (89-15)
Abstract:  Includes reports of the pastor, Board of Deacons, and various committees; financial report with budget and statement of assets and liabilities; and constitution and bylaws.
Creator(s):  Federated Church of Reno, Nev.
Date(s):  1970
Subject(s):  Church buildings--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  89-15
Title:  Anthony Amaral Papers (83-03)
Creator(s):  Amaral, Anthony A., 1930-
Date(s):  1913-1979
Collection Number:  83-03
Title:  Anthony Shafton Research Papers (2017-83)
Abstract:  Anthony Shafton is a Chicago native, Reno resident, and author of five books, including The Nevada They Knew. Collection contains research and publication materials for Shafton's book, The Nevada They Knew.
Creator(s):  Shafton, Anthony
Date(s):  dates
Subject(s):  Artists--Nevada--20th century | Authors, American--21st century | Authors, American--Biography--20th century | Authors--Nevada
Collection Number:  2017-83
Title:  Anti-gambling essays collection (NC698)
Abstract:  Essays about the harm gambling does to Nevada. Includes statistics on revenue, expenses paid to regulate the industry, and future plans of gambling interests.
Creator(s):  Williams, Frank
Date(s):  [1945
Subject(s):  Gambling--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC698
Title:  Anti-Mechling campaign speech (99-13)
Abstract:  Speech by unidentified Reno attorney examining the merits of Thomas Mechling's fellow Democratic Party candidates for governor, attacks Mechling's campaign promises, and itemizes Mechling's alleged lies.
Creator(s):  Error Creator Missing in EAD
Date(s):  circa 1954
Place(s):  Nevada--Politics and government
Collection Number:  99-13
Title:  Application for title (89-83)
Abstract:  Application for title to land in Goldfield that Cousins had occupied since 1909.
Creator(s):  Cousins, Sam
Date(s):  1910
Place(s):  Goldfield (Nev.)
Collection Number:  89-83
Title:  Applications for permits to appropriate the public waters of the state of Nevada (89-81)
Abstract:  Successful applications jointly filed by Mary and by John F. Clifford, (not her husband) to appropriate water on their land for their livestock.
Creator(s):  Clifford, Mary V.
Date(s):  February 17, 1917
Subject(s):  Water use--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-81
Title:  Architectural Drawing of Proposed Buildings for the University of Nevada (AC 0571)
Abstract:  The collection consists of one encapsulated architectural drawing of proposed buildings for the University of Nevada campus. The inclusion of the Mackay School of Mines and the John Mackay Statue in the drawing suggests it was created after 1908, the year the statue was dedicated on campus. At least four of the proposed buildings in the drawing were never built.
Creator(s):  Bliss & Faville.
Date(s):  circa 1908
Subject(s):  Architectural drawing--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0571
Title:  Architectural drawings for proposed addition to UNR Engineering Building (NAA7)
Abstract:  Blueprint drawings of the proposed addition to the Engineering Building at the University of Nevada, Reno. This addition was never constructed.
Creator(s):  Mills, Russell, (Architect)
Date(s):  September 1946
Subject(s):  Architecture--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NAA7
Title:  Architectural drawings for Reno and Carson City buildings (NAA9)
Abstract:  Included are plans for the following buildings in Reno and Carson City: the R. M. Clarke residence in Carson City, "family home," competitive Reno grade school building, Mt. Rose school, Congregational Church parsonage, and house for E. Shaver on Riverside Dr., Reno. The Shaver drawings are accompanied by specifications.
Creator(s):  Leon, Ben, d. 1917
Date(s):  circa 1895-1900
Subject(s):  Architects--Nevada--Reno | Architecture--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NAA9
Title:  Architectural drawings of the Gray, Reid and Company building (NAA11)
Abstract:  Collection consists of blueprint drawings of the Gray, Reid and Company building in Fallon, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Schadler, F. M.
Date(s):  1920
Subject(s):  Architecture--Nevada--Fallon
Collection Number:  NAA11
Title:  Arguments of Lake Tahoe Protective Association against the six feet of storage-capacity asked for by the U. S. Reclamation Service on Lake Tahoe (NC1169)
Abstract:  Statement, comments and letters by William S. Bliss and Edwin Duryea, Jr., consulting engineer for the Association. The Association was seeking to prevent the Reclamation Service from adding additional storage capacity to the dam at Lake Tahoe; the increase in capacity was to benefit the Newlands Reclamation Project near Fallon, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Lake Tahoe Protective Association.
Date(s):  1913
Place(s):  Tahoe, Lake, Region (Calif. and Nev.)
Subject(s):  Water rights--California | Water rights--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1169
Title:  Aroet Lucius Hale Journal Transcriptions (2017-51)
Abstract:  Aroet Lucius Hale, born on May 18, 1828, was an extremely active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and an early emigrant to Utah Territory. Hale died on December 13, 1911 in Grantsville, Utah. Collection contains two journals by Aroet Lucius Hale transcribed by Kathlyn Cranney Mayes Stubblefield in 1990 describing the life and emigration and life of Hale from Dover, New Hampshire to Grantsville, Utah.
Creator(s):  Hale, Aroet Lucious, 1828-1911Stubblefield, Kathlyn Cranney Mayes
Date(s):  1990
Subject(s):  Emigration and immigration--Religious aspects--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | Emigration and immigration--Utah
Collection Number:  2017-51
Title:  Arrowsmith and Evans Family Correspondence (2011-29)
Abstract:  Original letters both to and from Arrowsmith and Evans family members, especially for Dick Evans Arrowsmith. Includes news clippings and some text. Letters date from 1816-1956 and were used to write Letters from the Past + Revelations by Dick Reed; Dick Arrowsmith was Reed's grandfather.
Creator(s):  Reed, Dick
Date(s):  1816-1956
Place(s):  Hicksville (Ohio)--Social life and customs; West (U.S.)--Social life and customs--19th century; West (U.S.)--Social life and customs--20th century
Subject(s):  Ranching--Nevada
Collection Number:  2011-29
Title:  Artemisia Production Records (NUB 19/01/01)
Creator(s):  Associated Students of the University of Nevada.
Date(s):  1940-1949
Subject(s):  College yearbooks--Nevada | Student publications--Nevada | Students--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  NUB 19/01/01
Title:  Artemisia Production Records (AC 0523)
Abstract:  The ASUN Artemisia production records consist of page layouts for photographs used in the 1987 University of Nevada, Reno yearbook. Photographs were transferred to Photograph Archives: UNRA-P1681.
Creator(s):  Associated Students of the University of Nevada.
Date(s):  1987
Subject(s):  College yearbooks--Nevada | Student publications--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0523
Title:  Arthur J. Hutchinson Papers (NC1158)
Abstract:  Personal financial papers and correspondence includes receipts, bills, checks, and letters. These papers were probably assembled to settle Hutchinson's estate.
Creator(s):  Hutchinson, Arthur J., (Arthur John), 1840-1877
Date(s):  1876-1878
Collection Number:  NC1158
Title:  Arthur J. Palmer Papers (87-02)
Abstract:  Collection of unpublished manuscripts written by Arthur J. Palmer and his published works with materials collected and used as references for his writing. The manuscripts include articles, books, series for newspapers, and song lyrics, while the publications were written under his own name or pseudonyms Robin Goodfellow and Tom Squire.
Creator(s):  Palmer, Arthur J., (Arthur Judson), 1884-1968
Date(s):  1909-1965
Subject(s):  Authors, American--20th century
Collection Number:  87-02
Title:  Arthur Keeler Bourne Papers (AC 0487)
Abstract:  The Arthur K. and Alberta M. Bourne Papers consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and a blueprint of the Special Design Sedan Bus commissioned by Mr. Bourne in 1938.
Creator(s):  Bourne, Arthur Keeler, 1877-1967
Date(s):  1938-1967
Subject(s):  Automobile trailers--Nevada | Converted coaches--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0487
Title:  Articles of incorporation (95-49)
Abstract:  Articles of incorporation list trustees of the Cabinet Mining Company as Alexander Bedlam, W.T. O'Neale, Eugene W. Gary, M.P. Donovan, and E.A. Rowe.
Creator(s):  Cabinet Mining Company.
Date(s):  April 27, 1875
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Storey County
Collection Number:  95-49
Title:  Articles of incorporation and reports for Cosmopolitan Mining Company (NC189)
Abstract:  Articles of incorporation (1897) list purpose of the corporation and officers, and state location of business. Report by mining engineer William Irelan, Jr. (1907) describes the location and history of the mine, water and lumber supplies, milling facilities, mine development, and recommendations.
Creator(s):  Cosmopolitan Mining Company.
Date(s):  1879; 1907
Place(s):  Silver City (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources
Collection Number:  NC189
Title:  Articles of incorporation for Consolidated Esmeralda Mines Company (NC1161)
Abstract:  Includes articles of agreement, 1901, amendment of 1903, and notice to stockholders of meeting, 1902.
Creator(s):  Consolidated Esmeralda Mines Company.
Date(s):  1901-1903
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Arizona--Mariposa County
Collection Number:  NC1161
Title:  Articles of incorporation for Hofman and Woenne Company (89-90)
Abstract:  Articles of incorporation state address of company, purposes of the business, names of owners, and amount of stock owned by each.
Creator(s):  Hofman and Woenne Company.
Date(s):  1905
Subject(s):  Business enterprises--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-90
Title:  Articles of incorporation for Industrial Commercial Exhibit Corporation (89-92)
Abstract:  Industrial Commercial Exhibit Corporation was formed to establish permanent commercial and industrial exhibits in Shanghai, China. The collection consists of amended articles state address, purpose of the corporation, and names of stockholders.
Creator(s):  Industrial Commercial Exhibit Corporation.
Date(s):  1905
Subject(s):  Exhibitions--China
Collection Number:  89-92
Title:  Articles of Incorporation for Julia Consolidated Mining Company (87-24)
Abstract:  Articles of incorporation filed with California Secretary of State in 1875, with revisions in 1877. Officers for both dates are listed.
Creator(s):  Julia Consolidated Mining Company.
Date(s):  circa 1875-1877
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-24
Title:  Articles of incorporation for Nevada Heritage Association (NC549)
Abstract:  Includes articles of incorporation and perspectus of goals and objectives.
Creator(s):  Nevada Heritage Association.
Date(s):  1959-1960
Collection Number:  NC549
Title:  Articles of incorporation for North Ophir Mining Company (87-25)
Abstract:  Articles of incorporation originally filed with the California Secretary of State. Includes description of business and names of officers.
Creator(s):  North Ophir Mining Company.
Date(s):  1875
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  87-25
Title:  Articles of Incorporation for Santa Ysabel Consolidated Mining and Milling Company (89-104)
Abstract:  Articles list purposes of the organization, names of stockholders and amounts of stock owned.
Creator(s):  Santa Ysabel Consolidated Mining and Milling Company.
Date(s):  January 6, 1922
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  89-104
Title:  Articles of Incorporation for Southwestern Nevada Mines Company (95-40)
Abstract:  These articles of incorporation define the purposes of the corporation, identify its principal offices, and list members of the board of directors, who included Charles E. Morris and Malcolm L. Macdonald. Also included is a balance sheet, 1906-1908.
Creator(s):  Southwestern Nevada Mines Company.
Date(s):  1904-1908
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Tonopah
Collection Number:  95-40
Title:  Artists' Registry (NC1247)
Abstract:  Registry lists all artists and craftsmen in northeastern Nevada, both amateur and professional and was created to serve as an information and resource clearing house.
Creator(s):  Elko Area Council on the Arts.
Date(s):  1980
Subject(s):  Artists--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC1247
Title:  Arts and Science Study Committee records (NUB 15/19/57)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada. Arts and Science Study Committee.
Date(s):  1966
Collection Number:  NUB 15/19/57
Title:  As I remember ... (92-10)
Abstract:  Gustafson's reminiscences describe growing up in Minnesota, attending the University of Nevada, working as a range examiner for the U.S. Grazing Service in Nevada, homesteading and soil conservation in Alaska, and raising a family.
Creator(s):  Gustafson, John, 1913-
Date(s):  1992
Place(s):  Alaska--Description and travel; Nevada--Description and travel
Subject(s):  Frontier and pioneer life--Alaska
Collection Number:  92-10
Title:  Ashton Codd Papers (2004-03)
Creator(s):  Codd, Ashton
Date(s):  1959-1976
Collection Number:  2004-03
Title:  Assay book (NC236)
Abstract:  Records of mineral assays from the Austin region include name of person providing the ore sample, weight of sample, and ounces of mineral per ton.
Creator(s):  James G. Mathews and Company.
Date(s):  1889
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Lander County
Collection Number:  NC236
Title:  Assay books (NC139)
Abstract:  Contains records of over 8,800 assays performed by the lab. Each includes sample number, name of property owner or requestor of assay, and analysis of material.
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. State Analytical Laboratory.
Date(s):  1892-1919
Subject(s):  Assaying
Collection Number:  NC139
Title:  Assay reports for Limerick Gold Mines (90-32)
Abstract:  Assay reports for ore samples from Limerick Canyon include reports of ounces each of gold and silver content per ton and value per ton.
Creator(s):  Limerick Gold Mines, Limited.
Date(s):  1931
Place(s):  Limerick Canyon (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  90-32
Title:  Assessment list (NC348)
Abstract:  Assessment list of the company's lands taxed by Esmeralda County, and total taxes owed.
Creator(s):  Nevada Mining and Commercial Company.
Date(s):  1890
Place(s):  Esmeralda County (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada--Esmeralda County
Collection Number:  NC348
Title:  Assignment of mortgage (NC158)
Abstract:  Note assigning Stead's mortgage in machinery for a mill site at the Succor Gold and Silver Mining Company, Storey County, Nevada Territory, to Horace B. Angell.
Creator(s):  Stead, George
Date(s):  August 6, 1862
Subject(s):  Mines and mineral resources--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC158
Title:  Associated Students of the University of Nevada records (AC 0272)
Abstract:  The records in this collection include ASUN Senate minutes, correspondence, organizational documents, marketing material about ASUN events, publications, reports, ASUN Bookstore records, Wolves Frolic programs, and information about recognized honorary and social student organizations. Club records may include articles of incorporation, correspondence, and event flyers. Of interest is a poster autographed by entertainer Red Skelton concerning his 1983 appearance on campus to give a lecture.
Creator(s):  Associated Students of the University of Nevada.
Date(s):  1889-2017
Subject(s):  Athletic clubs--Nevada--Reno | Bookstores--Nevada | Clubs--Nevada--Reno | College student government--Nevada--Reno | College students--Societies and clubs--Nevada--Reno--21st century | Fraternal organizations--Nevada--Reno | Religion--Nevada--Reno | Students--Nevada--Reno | Universities and colleges--Social aspects--Nevada--Reno | Universities and colleges--Societies, etc
Collection Number:  AC 0272
Title:  Associated Students of the University of Nevada Records (NUB 21/)
Creator(s):  Associated Students of the University of Nevada.
Date(s):  1895-1965
Collection Number:  NUB 21/
Title:  Associated Students of the University of Nevada Records (AC 0236)
Abstract:  Collection includes minutes of the student body meetings, 1916-1929; reports of the finance board, 1926-1956; reports by the outgoing president to the incoming president, 1949/50-1955/56; and reports by the various committees and boards, 1940-1968.
Creator(s):  Associated Students of the University of Nevada.
Date(s):  1916-1968
Subject(s):  College student government--Nevada--Reno | Students--Nevada--Reno
Collection Number:  AC 0236
Title:  Associated Women Students Records (NUB 63)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Associated Women Students.
Date(s):  1969-1980
Collection Number:  NUB 63
Title:  Association for Communication Excellence Conference Records (AC 0539)
Abstract:  The Association for Communication Excellence Conference Records consist of conference programs, correspondence, notes, Powerpoint printouts, and registration lists for the 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, and 2004 ACE conferences. There is also material about the ACE Critique & Awards Program. The 2004 Lake Tahoe conference material includes promotional material for Caesars Tahoe.
Creator(s):  Association for Communication Excellence.
Date(s):  1998-2004
Subject(s):  Marketing -- Study and teaching
Collection Number:  AC 0539
Title:  Astronomical Society of Nevada Records (NUB 57/27)
Creator(s):  Astronomical Society of Nevada.
Date(s):  1982
Collection Number:  NUB 57/27
Title:  Athletic Program Study Committee records (NUB 15/20/38)
Creator(s):  University of Nevada, Reno. Athletic Program Study Committee.
Date(s):  1972
Collection Number:  NUB 15/20/38
Title:  Attachment in the case of L. Fidanza vs. J. Beatty (NC181)
Abstract:  Attachment in the case of L. Fidanza vs. J. Beatty.
Creator(s):  Austin Township No. 1 (Nev.). Justice Court.
Date(s):  December 5, 1866
Place(s):  Lander County (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC181
Title:  Attachment in the case of Triplett and Clark versus D. Murphy (NC182)
Abstract:  Attachment in the case of Triplett and Clark vs D. Murphy.
Creator(s):  Austin Township No. 1 (Nev.). Justice Court.
Date(s):  July 2, 1874
Place(s):  Lander County (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC182
Title:  Attachment in the case of W. R. Barnes versus the West Side Silver Mining Company (NC180)
Abstract:  Attachment in the case of W. R. Barnes vs the West Side Silver Mining Company.
Creator(s):  Reveille Township (Nev.). Justice Court.
Date(s):  April 22, 1880
Place(s):  Nye County (Nev.)
Collection Number:  NC180
Title:  Attorney petitions (NC684)
Abstract:  Petition of O. F. McCarty to practice law and report of committee on whether to admit as attorney, W. F. Myers.
Creator(s):  Nye County (Nev.).
Date(s):  1864-1867
Collection Number:  NC684
Title:  Auditor's report (93-61)
Abstract:  Auditor's report lists bank's assets, liabilities, amount held in bonds and securities, and real estate owned.
Creator(s):  Horton Banking Company.
Date(s):  January 31, 1908
Subject(s):  Banks and banking--Finance--Nevada--Battle Mountain
Collection Number:  93-61
Title:  Austin Cemetery Association Records (NC31)
Abstract:  Included are minutes of meetings, articles of incorporation, and by laws.
Creator(s):  Austin Cemetery Association.
Date(s):  1869-1910
Place(s):  Austin (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Cemeteries--Nevada--Austin | Water rights--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC31
Title:  Austin Commercial Company Records (NC474)
Abstract:  Bank deposit record of the company's account with the Bank of Austin.
Creator(s):  Austin Commercial Company.
Date(s):  1905-1908
Collection Number:  NC474
Title:  Austin Meat Market Records (NC26)
Abstract:  Customers' accounts include lists of goods purchased and amounts owed and paid.
Creator(s):  Austin Meat Market.
Date(s):  1908-1914
Place(s):  Austin (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Business enterprises--Nevada--Austin
Collection Number:  NC26
Title:  Austin (Nevada Territory) City Surveyor Records (NC234)
Abstract:  Book "A" of Surveyor's records includes surveys by G. F. Allardt, City Surveyor, and S. T. Armstrong, Deputy Surveyor; city ordinance creating and defining the office; and tables establishing the official grades of city streets and alleys.
Creator(s):  Austin (Nev. Territory). City Surveyor.
Date(s):  May 21, 1864 to September 24,1864
Place(s):  Austin (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Surveys--Nevada
Collection Number:  NC234
Title:  Authorizations for stock transfer (NC686)
Abstract:  Blank stock transfer forms.
Creator(s):  Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Company.
Date(s):  undated
Subject(s):  Stocks--United States
Collection Number:  NC686
Title:  Autobiographical manuscript for Charlton Laird (AC 0151)
Abstract:  Collection contains correspondence, copies of publications containing autobiographical information, biographical notes, and preliminary manuscript.
Creator(s):  Laird, Charlton, 1901-1984
Date(s):  1982-1983
Collection Number:  AC 0151
Title:  Autobiographical Sketch and Vitae for Louise B. Tyrer (95-91)
Abstract:  Includes an autobiographical sketch and vitae outlining Tyrer's professional career in medicine.
Creator(s):  Tyrer, Louise B.
Date(s):  1995
Subject(s):  Women physicians--Nevada--Reno | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  95-91
Title:  Autobiographical Sketch of Del Haas (94-29)
Abstract:  Autobiographical sketch of Ms. Del Haas includes a history of the community of Kingston, Nevada, Ro Ranch, and Darrough's Hot Springs, Nevada.
Creator(s):  Haas, Del, 1941-
Date(s):  1994
Place(s):  Darrough's Hot Springs (Nev.); Kingston (Nev.); Ro Ranch (Nev.)
Subject(s):  Women ranchers--Nevada | Women--Nevada
Collection Number:  94-29
Title:  Autobiographical statement of Joseph LeBlanc (91-06)
Abstract:  LeBlanc's account of U. S. military service, 1857-1859 was taken from his unsuccessful petition for a military pension.
Creator(s):  LeBlanc, Joseph Esdras, 1833-1900
Date(s):  undated [pre-1900]
Subject(s):  Mormons | Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah, 1857
Collection Number:  91-06
Title:  Autograph album (84-20)
Abstract:  Album signed by friends and relatives of Mrs. Barrett's in Austin and other Nevada and southern California sites.
Creator(s):  Barrett, Annie, active 1880
Date(s):  1880-1888
Collection Number:  84-20
Title:  Autograph book (AC 0297)
Abstract:  In 1934, while on a student recruitment trip, university President, Walter E. Clark, and his wife, Euphemia Clark, were involved in a car accident. The Women's Faculty Club wrote poems and notes in an autograph book to Mrs. Clark, an active member and former president of the club.
Creator(s):  Women's Faculty Club (University of Nevada).
Date(s):  1934
Subject(s):  Women--Nevada--History | Women--Societies and clubs--Nevada
Collection Number:  AC 0297